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Q:What is the concept?
First of all, if I can say that my last essay which was the work in winter
gave fans “Healing”, I think this『L’s Bravo Viewtiful part2』can show
more brighter aspects of me because the concept is “Natural”
which matches the atmosphere of spring.
I took photos of food or sightseeing spots in not only Korea
but also other places, so I guess everyone can enjoy them when take a look..
Also, there are many photos of places which I want to recommend!
Q:Any funny episodes during photo shooting??
While part 1, members were naughty and didnt allow me to take photos of them much,
but this time they got interested and became positive
because they had already found that photos of them would be put into my second essay.
Q:Where is the most recommended place in this photo essay?
Of course, I have attachment to each photo, but now I want to recommend
one of “NamSung Tower”, because I took photos of scenery there
while walking around with my family. On the top there, there is a spot
where couples, friends and families can hang padlocks.
I hope everyone can do it with prayers and make great memories there.
Q:Can you choose another impressive photo?
If I choose one more place, I went to “Seoul Forest” with my brother on a fine day
and took photos. So, now I remember that the photo is the most memorable one for me.
My brother takes photos by self-taught like me, and we’re sharing our “photo” hobby
each other. We could take great photos there, and also I want to remember the day
as “We took photos together”, so I want to choose the photo as another memorable one.
Q:What’s the reason why you made photo essay part 2?
When I published part 1, I got much love from everyone, and I asked myself
if it deserves as I get such love. The reason why I published part 2 was
different from part 1, and I really wanted to show my new aspect.
If people could get “healing” through part 1, I want everyone to feel me near them
through part 2 which is about me. I made the 2nd photo essay
because I wanted to make a book which is comfortable and is not difficult.
Also the atmosphere of part 1 is winter, and part 2 is Spring which is peaceful.
I prepared various pictures of scenery, food and members so that everyone can see them.
Q:Can you tell me the way to take pictures of women beautifully?
The point is…. I haven’t experienced to take pictures of women much before,
so if I’ll give an example with members, I take photos of them while catching
their expressions which I know well as each member’s good facial expression or habit.
Usually the photos in which I could catch members’ natural expressions would be
great ones. I think there are no special skills or points to take photos,
I think taking photos while sharing the same feeling is the best point.
Q:What’s your future goal as “INFINITE” and “L”?
My future goal as INFINITE and also L is that my team (INFINITE) will be loved by
much wider generations. When we go to other countries on World Tour,
I hope that INFINITE to be loved more by people there. As personal goal,
I want to visit each county’s famous places or sightseeing spots to take photos
during World Tour.
I hope that my photo essay part 2 will be loved well. Please love it much^^
Q:Any message to Japanese fan?
All the readers of “Women-self”, Hello, I’m L of INFINITE. My second photo essay
『L’s Bravo Viewtiful part 2』was released. This is different from part 1,
and a book with natural and bright atmosphere. Please love and support it much^^
Until now, it’s L of INFINITE.
Please give me (and my essay) much love!
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