Now a vocal who can attempt to get a 'solo'... hasn't lost his freshness and developed ease If I was to choose the most memorable moment during Infinite's Encore concert in February at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, I would definitely choose Sungjong's “Pick a Star From the Sky."
It was a stage that made this author self-reflect watching it nervously after seeing Sungjong experiencing inner struggles in the jungle and not hiding them during the press conference. This was because after hearing Sungjong's solo which contained the freshness of a team's maknae and how the growth of a team's makae results in the growth of a team, it made me call up Woollim entertainment and become disappointed after hearing "there are no specific solo plans as of yet."
Sunggyu, one of the main vocals, achieved amazing results with his solo and the baton has passed onto Woohyun who is working hard on his album. Hoya who is showing off his skills as 'REAL HOYA' is being predicted as the next to get a solo, however it made me think that it could be 'Sungjong'. This is because Sungjong's abilities and his on stage manner skills have increased majorly. I am anticipating his future even more as Sungjong has absorbed over 5 years of Infinite's experience directly.
Sungjong who has a strong image as a cute maknae is a 'vocal' that should not be missing from Infinite's songs. His parts may feel small but the parts he sings are irreplaceable. The sweet voice heard in the harmonization makes the melody more full and the part he sings becomes the 'killing part'. Personally I feel that Sungjong's parts in 'Be mine' and 'Feel So bad' are the highlights of the songs. Especially during 'Feel So bad', you feel the song title and lyrics included right in the emotions when he sings the last part. In the unit 'Infinite F', his role is to balance the vocal colours of L and Sungyeol which are almost straight lines. The smoothness which is difficult to find in other idol groups, and the platform which has formed as his experience grows makes his vocals stand out.
The tomorrow of Sungjong who is placed in the right position and breathing life into Infinite's songs, is more anticipatory and his solo release someday will be worth waiting for. Hopefully from now on there will be a lot of days where our ears will be popped open just by Sungjong's vocal colour. The growth of the maknae makes this author feel happy.
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Written by : Reporter 김주현 of BEFF Report
Translated by: Yeji of Infinite Updates