INFINITE will hold 『INFINITE 1.2.3 SHOWCASE』(~Comeback Season2~)
over serving pre-order event of the new single「Last Romeo ~kimigairebaii~」
at Diver City Tokyo Plaza festival square on May 19(Mon)!
details were re-updated at noon 

『INFINITE 1.2.3 SHOWCASE" (~Comeback Season2~) –Overview』

Those who pre-order ALL 3ver. of New Single 「Last Romeo ~kimigaireba ii~」
can get a chance to win Priority Space of the showcase event on May 19th!
Of course, you can see the showcase for free even if you miss the chance.
Everyone who pre-order can get limited privilege “round fan”.

【Schedules and venue】
◆Date:May 19, 2014(Mon) 18:30(JST)~
◆Venue:Diver City Tokyo Plaza – second floor “Festival Square”

【Pre-order Items】
INFINITE「Last Romeo~kimiga ireba ii~」will be released on July 2, 2014
① Limited Edition A-2100JPY
② Limited Edition B-2800JPY
③ First Press normal Edition -1800JPY

→Total price of 3 items:6700JPY
→Shipping charge :700JPY [tax in]
(※additional charge needed to part of islands)

【How to get a chance to win Priority Space】

① May 18,2014(Sun) 12:00~20:00
② May 19,2014(Mon) 10:00~17:00
At Diver City Tokyo Plaza – 2nd floor festival square (special reservation booth)

★in the above ①period
Pre-order and Pay all 3ver. of items in cash at the booth, and get “exchange ticket” for 
「lottary ticke」and 「round fan」
Then bring the “exchange ticket” to the「exchange booth」by 17:00 on May 19, 
and get 「lottary ticket」and 「round fan」

★in the above ②period
Pre-order and Pay all 3ver. of items in cash at the booth, and get 「lottary ticket」
and 「round fan」

【How to pre-order】

★Print out the pre-order form on Universal Music Website,
( click the link to the pre-order form )
and fill in all needed (name/phone number, etc on colored column) in advance, 
Never forget to bring the form to the special reservation booth.

★If you need delivery of the products, put ○mark in “delivery column” on the form,
and pay the shipping charges there.

★The upper limit of purchase in one time is 6700JPY(Limited A.B + Normal Edition)

★It’s NOT possible to get more than 1 of the same item.
Ex) IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 of Limited A / 2 of Limited B etc.
*possible to stand in line again to get other items.
★The『lottery ticket』has got the “アタリ(WIN)” or “ハズレ(MISS)” word inside.

★Those who got “アタリ(WIN)” need to move to the 『Priority Area』ticket booth 
Which is next to the pre-order booth, and get the ticket for 『Priority Area』.

★The『Priority Area ticket』has got random “serial number” and “meeting time”.
*If only you come to “priority area waiting space” in time, 
the serial number will lead you to your seat(might be standing) in the priority area.
*You’ll get random number and time, so it’s impossible to see the showcase 
with your family or friends.

★When 『lottery ticket』has all gone, pre-order booth will be closed.

★Please understand that you can’t get limited privilege “round fan” if all gone
though numbers of round fan were prepared.

* Prohibitions*

Camera/video camera/recorder/ shooting・recording with mobiles(tablet devices)/
GIFTs for members/umbrellas/ littering/ and Inquiry to the venue
Translated by MineMyngsL of InfiniteUpdates