Fitting in perfectly at school, Infinite’s Woo Hyun put on his school uniform again for KBS’ new drama High School.
KBS recently released photos of Woo Hyun filming for the drama, High School: Love On. He was captured sitting at a desk like a good student, neatly donning a school uniform and smiling at the camera.

Woo Hyun will play the character Shin Woo Hyun, who is a popular and studious student with loyalty for his friends. But behind the smile on his face is a painful family past.
“It’s my first project where I have a lot of parts, so I’m quite burdened,” said Woo Hyun. “But I’ll do my best not to be troublesome as I learn from great senior actors.”
The staff shared that Woo Hyun’s bright and energetic personality keeps the filming set upbeat. With so many young cast members keeping the atmosphere positive, the staff hoped to continue the energy until the end.
High School will air on June 27.

Source: Official Mwave Entertaiment
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