Infinite’s Sung Yeol spilled on his dating style.
June 2’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Hello will feature a man in his 40’s, whose concern is his older sisters.
He said, “My oldest sister so into dancing that she doesn’t take care of her son and my other sister is still unmarried due to her manly looks.”
Upon hearing this, Infinite’s Sung Kyu said, “Sung Yeol also makes a huge investment once he falls for something. He was once obsessed with helicopters that he even bought one for millions of won.”

MC Shin Dong Yeop then said, “Tell us about the time when you were obsessed with a girl.”
Sung Yeol then confessed, “There was a time like that. If I fall for a girl, I go all out for her and date her until I get dumped.”

Source: Official Mwave
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