Infinite’s Sung Jong chose Woo Hyun as the least loyal member in Infinite.
Infinite’s Sung Jong guested on May 28’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s 2’O Clock Date along with L and Dong Woo.
When DJ Park Kyung Rim asked for the least loyal member in Infinite, Sung Jong said, “I can’t leave Woo Hyun out.”
He explained, “One time, the members named me as the least loyal member on broadcast. Recently, when we were traveling in a car, Woo Hyun asked me to eat with him and I refused. So he claimed that I’m not loyal on broadcast. I felt like he was not being loyal at that time.”

Dong Woo jokingly said, “I think I’m the least loyal one. I’m selfish. I only think of myself. I was born to be loved,” causing a round of laugher.
Then L said, “I don’t think there are any non-loyal members,” throwing Sung Jong off guard.

Source: Official Mwave
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