There is another happy news in this Lunar New Year. Main Vocal Nam Woohyun of INFINITE turns 26 on the 8th of February.
Nam Woohyun called as 'Nam Trainer' and his character also appeared in his birthday interview. We heard Nam woohyn's 26th Birthday story which made us smile with his honest and witty answers.
Q. What do you think you will do in your birthday?
-Mmm, maybe I will have my ancestor's memorial ceremony or give pocket money to my younger cousins. (It is first time his birthday overlapped with lunar new year)
Q. How do you feel on your birthday?
-I am happy that two times of delight from birthday and lunar new year came at once. HAHAHA.
Q. How Woohyun think about getting older? Which age are you looking forward to it?
-I am looking forward to my 30. After spending bright youth in my twenties... I can't imagine what kind of things will happen in my thirties, so I am expecting something. I will live enthusiastically.
Q. What was the dream upon your conception?
-My mother dreamt of picking and eating persimmon from persimmon tree.
Q. Which birthday was the memorable in your life?
-Every birthday after my debut were memorable because our fans gave me lots of congratulations. It is really good.
Q. What kind of gift do you want to receive?
-I want health. Recently I went on a tour so I couldn't sleep a lot and I felt little bit tired. I used to be okay before, but this tiredness made me feel that my body is also getting older.
Q. If you have your birthday vacation?
-I want to enjoy my trip alone. I want to go to Hawaii. I haven't been to vacation spots alone.
Q. Are there any star you want to get congratulations from?
-Well, I don't have any.
Q. What was the wish you had in your childhood? Was it achieved?
-When I was in kindergarten, I wished about robot named 'Legendary hero Dagan'. At that time my parents bought me a robot. The robot was expensive at that time... so when I think about that now, I thank my parents so much who achieved my wish.
Q. To imagine about Woohyun's birthday 10 years later?
-You are asking a horrible question. Goosebumps
Q. Any people you want to thank in your birthday?
-Thank you to our fans who always support us. Sincerely thank you to my parents who gave birth to me.
Q. Please leave a message to yourself.
-Congrats!! Woohyun-ah!! There will be lots of things to happen in your life, and some might be hard for you to afford. But bear them well, and live enthusiastically.
source: Focus News
trans by: Hyon of Infinite Updates