[OSEN=Park Hyun Min] Group INFINITE has forewarned their new song ‘Last Romeo’ by releasing a photo of them transformed to a romanticist.
INFINITE has released their ‘Last Romeo’s photo at 12th midnight. They solved people’s curiosity that had gathered mysterious interest through on and offline.
The picture that was released on INFINITE’s official website (www.ifnt7.com) is attracting people by members wearing white suits with vintage background. They are showing new image as their album’s title song ‘Last Romeo’.
INFINITE is getting hot response from fans due to their romantic images that is different from their last image which they had strong charismatic masculine beauty. Fans are keep posting welcoming words on SNS such as “If Romeo would have existed, he would be looking like this!”, “This picture is heart attacking!”
The word, ‘Season 2’, written on the picture is their new album’s name, which shows their aspiration of coming back differently compared to ‘Season 1’.
INFINITE has once hung wallpapers saying ‘Last Romeo’ without any explanations. They have proved their hot attention regarding the wallpapers through various online communities since the word, ‘Last Romeo’, had been spread through music channel Spot, posters on streets, electronic displays in subways and banners.
 Meanwhile, they are coming back in 10 months after their hits with ‘Man in Love’, ‘Destiny’, and with their success in world tour concert, ‘ONE GREAT STEP’.
Source: NAVER
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