Infinite will be launching a three day showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, announcing the release of its second full length album Season 2.

On May 13, Infinite announced through its official website that it will be holding grand-scale showcases in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
The showcase held in Japan on May 19, Taiwan on 20 and Korea on 21, signifies Infinite’s official promotional activities to expand overseas, after its world tour One Great Step took place last year.

The showcase’s title ‘1.2.3’ signifies ‘only 1 time opportunity,’ ‘2nd full length album Season 2’ and ‘showcase held in 3 countries over 3 days.’
Woollim Entertainment, Infinite’s agency, stated, “It has been 10 months since Infinite’s promotions with Destiny and three years since the release of its first full length album. We wanted to thank the fans who have been waiting until now in any way we can. As we think it is important for artists to interact closely with the fans, we prepared the showcase that will allow Infinite to meet with the fans in Asia.”
The agency rep added, “Infinite’s ‘1.2.3 Showcase’ in Korea will take place on May 21 in Jamsil Gymnasium, inviting over 5,000 people.”

Source: OfficialMwave
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