INFINITE will release an instrumental compilation album 'The Origin', becoming the first Korean idol group to do so.
A Woollim Entertainment rep stated, "The album 'The Origin', which contains instrumental versions of INFINITE's representative songs, will be released on April 10 and pre-orders will begin on April 1. 'The Origin' consists of three CDs, each with a different concept. 30,000 limited copies will be available for sale."
"This is a new challenge for INFINITE, who has reached success and growth through the strength of their music during a period in which the prevalent prejudice is that idol music is something that is only enjoyed during that moment and forgotten about later once the fad fades."
'The Origin' is triple the fun with three CDs in white, black, and gold with each CD consisting of ten tracks for a total of thirty instrumental versions (meaning without the vocals or chorus) of their past songs. The white CD consists of their ballad numbers, the black consists of their powerful tracks, and the gold consists of their signature dance music.
The title track of this instrumental album will be the fan favorite "BTD (Before the Dawn)", and stories that weren't told during the filming of the song's epic music video will also be included in this new album.
Pre-order your copy now today ahead of its release on April 10!
Source: allkpop
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