An international fan union for the group Infinite, have taken part in good deeds in celebration of their 5th anniversary.
Infinite’s Global Fan Union gathered funds under the project name ‘One love’ and donated goods such as laundry detergent and diapers to One love disabled Infants’ shelter located in Gyeonggi-do province.
Earlier, Infinite have been in the spotlight as it came to be known that fans under the lead of Infinite’s fan community Murisu participated in good deeds nationally and internationally. Under the lead of Infinite’s fan community Murisu, Infinite’s fanclub together with 'world together’ passed on a donation of 5million KRW (approx. 4500 USD) for the management of Kenya’s Wing Wing library and ‘Infinite’s bookshelf’. They also added to the warmness by donating 2 computers and gift vouchers to Younseul area children’s center.
Infinite have been passing on a desirable image of fandom culture, with both national and international fans leading the way with good deeds. Infinite celebrated their 5th anniversary on the 9th of June. They are celebrating a meaningful 5th anniversary with their fans’ continuous good deeds.
Infinite are currently showing active individual activities. Leader Sunggyu recently successfully completed solo album promotions, Hoya is appearing in the SBS drama ‘Mask’. Member Sungjong recently joined ‘real men’ and entered the army for filming on the 8th of June. Sungyeol is to appear in JTBC’s drama ‘d-day’ and L in SBS’s drama ‘Time to love you’.