Sunggyu: To father god.To Lee Jong Yeop CEO,our crew who seems more like family,to my family,to my members and Inspirit friends,I am really thankful.Because it is a full album I am happy.Everyone stay happy and bright no matter what. I am happy.
Dongwoo: To our family pillar who has became healthier after quitting smoking and drinking alcohol~! Dad,to my mum who have always take care of me despite her busy schedule and whenever I suffer from minor illnesses,thanks for making me healthy!Rap,food to the oldest sister at home who have helped me in many areas!Thanks~I will treat you to a meal~To my 2nd sister who has got married and made our family members increase,thanks for being the merrymaker!!To our Lee Jeong Yeop CEO who has never gave up on the 7 of us and who loves us equally thank you.We should walk together for a lifetime!!To Bong Jae Hyung-nim who has helped me take care of my stamina and my skin thank you!To Dong Ik who has always dreamt of my future with me and who is always on my side thank you!Fashion People!You are most prominent in fashion and Hip Hop area!Seo Yong Hyung,Jinnie thank you!To Su Geun who has helped to strengthen my resolution and made my future path clearer,Let's Go model Hwi Chang,English master Joo,friends' pillar,Gwangsoo who has returned safely,congrats to Hyung Suk!Thanks for making my rap habits better Din Din ah.Although we always quarrel,Byeonghyun who has always take care of me first!! Heu Heu and to myself who have never gave up on my dreams!! Thank you! Inspirits who have contributed the most to our album!!You guys are the best of the best! I love you! Although I am embarrassed that I only received so much help from others, I will walk foward with a better me.Thank You!

L: Kim Sunggyu,Jang Dong Woo,Nam Woohyun,Lee Ho Won,Lee Sung Yeol,Lee Sung Jong. I don't say this usually so I left this message in the 2nd album.I like you all so much,I love you.Let's walk together for a long time in the future.
Hoya: To my lovely family,Infinite members,Woollim family,2 O Clock brothers,and Inspirits who bring light into my life!Although I started singing for myself,now I will sing for everybody.Thank You.

Sungjong: Thanks to God.Thanks to my parents who brought me into this world,and Seon gyu.The pastor and relatives who have prayed for me and Jieun Noona,Ji Hwan Hyung,Seohui Noona I am thankful.Woollim boss Lee Jeong Yeop CEO,Lee Ji Young Vice-CEO,Lee Yeong Jun MD,Jeong Byeong Gi MD,Bong Myeong Pil MD,Bae Jun Cheol assistant minister,Hoon Seok assistant minister,Jeong Ryeol Hyung,Geo Nam Hyung,Dae Seok Hyung, Jeong Woo Hyung,and Seon Ho who have always worked hard Hwaiting! Se Hui Noona,Seong Ho Hyung,Hye Won Hyung,Hyeong Cheol Hyung and to our Woollim family I love you. To my stylist who seems to have put on wings for my clothes,Queen Su Nam Noona,Joo Yeon Noona, Bora Noona,Ah Reum Noona.A competent team Red Carpet family members,no matter what kind of photos you take it becomes a piece of artwork Jae Won Hyung. To Sweettune who gave us good songs,famous choreographer Dong Min teacher who gave us cool dances and Kim Gi Won vocal teacher who have always worked hard for Infinite I am thankful. Lumpens Crew and 241 Lab staff who has always been with us, we could create this cool album only with the help of all of you.Thank You.Lastly to my lovely members,Inspirit fans Let us be together forever.

Woohyun: There could only be Infinite with Inspirits. Thank You.

Sungyeol: Our lovely Inspirits who have waited for a long time patiently for our 2nd full album thank you~To my mum and dad who has suffered recently from frying chickens I am sorry and I love you. I will make things easier for you soon. And Daeyeollie~It must be hard practising? Congrats to your music video debut and work harder so that you will hit daebak!To my grandfather and grandmother who I cannot visit due to excuses of being busy I am sorry. I will definitely look for you during my annual leave,I love you! And to my aunt who have done things in my place!! I could not see you often..I will send everyone on a family trip! Jiwonnie who have entered university study hard! In Ho do not get hurt and be as filial as you are now and you will definitely become a national football representative! Lastly to our members,we could understand each other without words,so I am not really worried however we have to walk with each other for a lifetime so take care of your health!Sungjongie,do well for backbone straightening,Woohyun hyung! Now can I lower my speech towards you?Woohyunnie take care of your intestine~Sunggyu hyung even though it is late it is good to see you taking care of your stamina! I love you all~ And Dongwoo hyung!Hoya!Myungsoo!Let us stay happy like now~!Let us stay healthy and live a long life~ 2nd full album let's hit daebak!
Credit: InfiniteUpdates
Translated by Chinggyu of Infiniteupdates
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