'High School Love-on's' male lead Sungyeol has shown his eyes filled with feelings in his photos playing the drums.
Male idol group Infinite's Lee Sungyeol,with the broadcasting date drawing closer...In KBS's growing up fantasy drama 'High School-Love On' (Script:Lee Jae Yeon,Director:Seong Jun Hae,Lee Eun Mi) (In High School) he transforms into Hwang Sungyeol who emits charisma.

In the revealed photos of Sungyeol he seems to be absent-mindedness and with cold stares,he give out a haughty charisma.With him engrossed into his role of playing the drums,we can see Hwang Sungyeol's feeling of loneliness right through which made us have more anticipation for this drama.
His eyes are filled with feelings and we are curious about how he will interpret the character of Hwang Sungyeol.
His skilfulness in playing the drums earned great praise and claps from the staff at the scene.
Lee Sungyeol's character Hwang Sungyeol is a guy with excellent results and he is a guy who is multi-talented. He is a Um-chin-a.(Literally it means son of mother’s friend and means mother’s friend’s son who is good at “everything.”) With his father's re-marriage and his new stepmother he becomes rebellious. He does not show his feelings easily and although he looks cold on the outside,he has a warm heart which resembles that of a cactus.
'High School' talks of an angel who saves a male student and becomes a human,a pure hot-blooded guy who went through much trouble growing up and being in love. This drama will be broadcasted on 27th June 8.55pm.
Article by:Kim Ha-jin reporter (News heraldcorp)
Translated by Chinggyu for (infiniteupdates.wordpress.com)