1. IF I SEND THEM A LETTER... Whats the address should I send it to?
Send it here ::
[ENG] #103, 21-25, Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-843 Korea, Woolim Entertainment
[KOR] 우림 엔터테인멘트 서울시 마포구 성상동 21-25 #103
Note: Please write '인피니트 앞' as this tells Woollim that its a fanletter for Infinite same goes with gifts. Name it after the member you are sending it to.
2. Is L still dating KDY?
According to  Woollim's previous statement, they are ESTRANGED. No definite answer if they still are or aren't dating.
3.Favorite color of the members:
-Sunggyu : White
-Woohyun : Red
-Sungyeol : Pink
-Myungsoo : Black
-Hoya : Purple
-Sungjong : Yellow
-Dongwoo : Green
4. Videos with English sub:
-Check our Wordpress page (left side VIDEO tab for compilation) http://infiniteupdates.wordpress.com/category/videos/
5. Did the boys do any surgery before:  None that we know of.
 6.Members brothers and sisters:
-Sunggyu - 1 older sister
-Woohyun - 1 older brother
-Dongwoo - 2 older sisters
-Sungyeol - 1 younger brother
-Hoya - 1 older brother and 1 younger brother
-Myungsoo - 1 younger brother
-Sungjong - 1 younger brother
7. Members FACTS: HERE
9. Members height (as of 2013):
-Sunggyu : 178 cm.
-Dongwoo : 175 cm.
-Woohyun : 176 cm.
-Hoya : 178 cm.
-Sungyeol : 183 cm.
-Myungsoo : 180 cm.
-Sungjong : 179 cm.
10. Members Blood Type:
-Sunggyu: Type A
-Dongwoo: Type A
-Woohyun: Type B
-Hoya: Type AB
-Sungyeol: Type B
-Myungsoo: Type 0
-Sungjong: Type A
11. Do they have Instagram? Facebook account? Twitter?
-Only Woohyun does have (nwh91)
-Sunggyu (@kyuzizi)
-Dongwoo (@ddww1122)
-Woohyun (@wowwh)
-Hoya (@hoya1991)
-Sungyeol (@seongyeol1991)
-Sungjong (@infiniteyounges)
-They don't have individual FB's but they have one for the whole group. The members don't handle it personally, it's a fanpage. (www.facebook.com/ifnt7)
12. Kakaotalk ID.
-It's private and we don't know.
13. B-bomb from Block B used to train with INFINITE Did you know about this?
-True he used to be one of the 12 trainees at that time
14. New room arrangement:
-HOYA with DONGWOO in another room
-WOOHYUN in one single room, and lastly
-SUNGYEOL also in another room alone.
15: New appartment address:
-Hapjeongdong Mapogu, Seoul
16. Infinite Managers twitter:
-Youngjun (‎@infinitefire)
-Hyoan (‎@chw831)
-Jungryoul (@n5vin)
 16. Infinite's religion:
NOT 100% sure of this:: Sungyeol, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya are buddhist. Sunggyu and Sungjong are christian. Myungsoo is catholic.
17. Infinite's Hometown/ Birthplace:
-Sunggyu : Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea
-Dongwoo : Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
-Woohyun :  Seoul, South Korea
-Hoya : Busan, South Korea
-Sungyeol : Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
-Myungsoo : Seoul, South Korea
-Sungjong : Gwangju City, South Korea
18. Dramas:
Master's Sun (SBS / 2013) - Joo Joong-Won (young)
What is Mom (MBC / 2012) - Kim Myung-Soo
Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN / 2012) - Lee Hyun-Soo (guitar)
Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation (SBS / 2012) - L (ep. 3)
Jiu - Special Investigation Team (TV Asahi / 2011) - Jiu
Reply 1994  (tvN / 2013) - Kang Joon-Hee (ep.16)
Reply 1997  (tvN / 2012) - Kang Joon-Hee
Love Poten (Daum TV Pot, 2013) - Jung Gi-Uk
Adolescence Medley (KBS2, 2013, ep 2) cameo
While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2011) - Yun So-Joon
Everybody Cha Cha Cha (KBS1, 2009) cameo
Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009) cameo
Pure Love (KBS2 / 2013) - Ha Jung-Woo (young)
The Thousandth Man (MBC / 2012) - cameo
The Thousandth Man (MBC / 2012) - Nam Woo-Hyun
19. Which would you consider their biggest fanbases? 
We cant say if they are thr biggest but they are the most active..
Dongwoo - Spring rain, DW's Home and Whoops Wings
Sunggyu - You Make Me, Spotlight and Turningpoint
Hoya - Hogam and Hoya Macaron
Sungyeol - Loeyeol and Ever since
Sungjong - Lolly Polly and Monodrama
Myungsoo - Lkimfan and L'aile
Woohyun - Honeytree and Serendipity
20. What`s woollim ent`s email if u want to adudition and can u send videos anytime?
-wl_audition@daum.net you have to write your name/age/gender/location and attach the audition application form as well as your audition video. Make sure you include that you are auditioning to be a singer
21. Is it True Infinite will be under SM Ent next year? I have heard rumor about it. And, why is that happen?
-Like you said its just a rumour so nothing is confirmed yet, when Woollim and SM merged Woollim said that they would still be managing Infinite but seeing as Tasty is now being managed by SM I think that its possible that the same thing would happen to Infinite
-Read more about the merging HERE
22. What's the difference between second invasion with second invasion evolution? thanks ^^
-Second Invasion is Infinite's 1st Concert in Seoul Olympic Park last Feb. 2012 While Second Invasion Evolution is the Encore Concert two months after, held April 2012.
23.  Sleeping habits.
-Sungyeol touches his navel while sleeping. Hoya sleeps with his glasses on while playing music. Myungsoo hits people while sleeping. Woohyun is a light sleeper while Dongwoo is a very deep sleeper. ~GC
24. Family Restaurant Address:
-Hoya - Bupyeong station in Incheon
-Dongwoo - Guri-si in Gyeonggi-do
-Boohyun's (Woohyun's brother) restaurant - seoul gangbuk-gu beon-dong
-Sungyeol - seoul mapogu seogyodong
25. Daum Tutorial
1. Go to daum.net
2. At the upper right side of the page (log-in box) click "회월가입"
3.You will be directed to a new page choose "이메일로 가입"
4. From that point follow this vid tutorial (starting at the 00:36 second mark)
If your questions are not there.. feel free to ask us in ask.fm/infiniteupdates (we will try to answer as fast as we could)