Today MBC Show Champion recording is without Woohyun (he busy with his individual schedule)
Myungsoo's hair is up today! And it looks so good! The recording for today was so fast! They ran through it twice, did monitoring, and that was it. Before the first recording, Sungyeol and Dongwoo were stretching their legs on the stairs leading up to the stage. Sunggyu seemed to be in a good mood today. He actually said things that made fans laugh. Myungsoo greeted with his signature 안뇽 안뇽. Ugh he is such a cutie. Hoya decided to be all formal and greet us with 안녕하십니까. Sunggyu said it was too bad they couldn't perform with Woohyun today. Hoya asked if we felt sad (?) about it. Fans screamed no. Hoya asked if we had eaten, as per usual, and the answer was again a resounding no.
The boys are wearing the white jacket outfit version, but instead of white lacy jackets, they were a bright yellow color. One of the members, I think Sunggyu, I forget, mentioned they had just come back from Brazil. Sungjong was super cute as always, immediately waving to fans the instant he walked on stage. Doing 화이팅s to cheer everyone on. I got kinda scared and would look away from Sungyeol when he was in front of me and waving. He has this ethereal beauty to him. Meanwhile, I kept trying to make eye contact with Myungsoo, but he kept to the left side.

Infinite's van just left. Originally, it was just Hoya in the back seat with his window rolled down. Then Sungyeol rolled down his window in the front seat and said hi to everyone. While the car was stopped at the intersection, Dongwoo poked his head out from behind Hoya and said hi. Then Myungsoo inched his way towards the front seat and stuck his head out the front window right next to Sungyeol's face.Then Sungjong made a fabulous appearance in Hoya's place. He was holding a fan. The car was stopped at the intersection for a while, and fans screamed congratulations on their four years. The boys said thank you.
Back to pre-recording experiences. Sungyeol asked fans how they got here. First train! Myungsoo heard fanstaff telling us to cheer louder, so before the second recording, he told us to cheer louder too. With the 제발요. Hoya asked if fans had stayed up all night. Sunggyu said something with a 제발요 too, but couldn't catch it because still laughing at Myungsoo's silliness. When they came on stage for the second recording, you could see sweat on the fronts of Hoya and Sungjong's dress shirts. During the second recording, Myungsoo kept on wiping his sweat, biting his lips and sticking out his tongue.

Before the second recording, Dongwoo told us that there would be three sets of fireworks coming up from the stage. Myungsoo then came over to clarify with Dongwoo when those three fireworks would occur. They were adorable. After the second recording, the other members left for monitoring, but Dongwoo decided to stay on the right side of the stage, to my right. Dongwoo squatted down in front of fans, who asked if he had eaten. He nodded. He also said, Thank you in English. Dongwoo just smiled and squatted there for a while. And then he decided to get up and do some squats before exiting the stage. I thought they were going to go a third time because could see coordi working hard on retouching Sunggyu's makeup on the stairs. But when the PD announced that the recording was finished, fans all awww-ed. Dongwoo came on stage imitating us. The boys spent an extra long time on stage to thank fans for coming and to say thank you for 4 years. Dongwoo was like we are four years, you are 4th generation Inspirits. Oh yeah. Before second recording, you could hear Dongwoo practicing the chorus. Raw voice. And after second recording, before Dongwoo squatted down, when the monitoring started and track played, he started singing along. At first, his mic wasn't on, but I guess they turned it on soon afterward. We sang the ooh yeah na na na na na na part with Dongwoo. When the boys were saying their goodbyes, I was happy because Myungsoo decided to finally come to the right side and wave with a big smile. Hoya was adorable and kept randomly pointing into the audience and saying bye. Sungjong gave hearts, and everyone was gushing over his cuteness. Sungyeol looked so princely today. Hoya spent the longest time to leave the stage and studio. He lingered to keep pointing and waving at fans.

Fanacc by @michelleeshk
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