INFINITE, whose Universal Music label transfer VOL.1 single “Last Romeo” hit No.2 on ORICON single ranking, will release VOL.2 single on December 24th.
The title of the single cd is “Dilemma” written by Tomoyasu Hotei.

This CD must be a big topic with these artist’s line up, and we can expect chemical action. INFINITE often pick up music features acoustic musical instruments by their choice, and while looking for the same type of music as usual, this time they got an idea which they want to adopt guitar sound of Tomoyasu Hotei. That idea was realized at last.
INFINITE met Tomoyasu Hotei for the first time on the day they shot this promotion pictures. INFINITE members were really excited to tell him “We really love your song 『BE MY BABY』 and 『BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY』(the main theme song for movie ‘KILL・BILL’)!!”, at the same time they were really impressed with his music provision.
While, Tomoyasu Hotei, who played the guitar solo in this song commented “I’ve heard that their choreography percentage is 99.9%, so this time I composed this song with my thought that I want you guys to try to 100% with my beat. I’d really loved this song to synchronize with feeling of fans of INFINITE all over the world”.
Their new single 「Dilemma」is likely to leave a new locus in music scene. We’re sure that this will be the greatest Christmas present for all of you!
Please anticipate!
The details of this CD will be revealed on INSPIRIT JAPAN, UNIVERSAL MUSIC official site after that has been confirmed.
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Trans by @MineMyngsL of INFINITE UPDATES
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