INFINITE's fans are eagerly waiting for the group's next comeback, but "Last Romeo" has been delayed due to a connection between the music video and the Sewol Ferry Tragedy.
'Last Romeo' teaser images have appeared all over Seoul as a part of a street-marketing campaign, but little information about INFINITE's comeback was announced prior to the entertainment industry's recent shutdown. Now, Herald Corp is reporting that INFINITE is experiencing even further delays because of worries about a connection between the accident and the music video.
INFINITE's upcoming music video features scenes with water spreading around, which may be considered insensitive in light of the Sewol ferry accident that left around 300 people dead.
At the moment, the music video release is simply being delayed. But if Woollim Entertainment decides to reshoot or edit the music video, it will make this INFINITE's second comeback affected by a tragedy.
The original music video for 'Destiny' was filmed in The USA at Universal Studios and cost around $1 million, but featured several plane scenes. After the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed and several passengers died, Woollim Entertainment edited those scenes shot in consideration of the tragedy. Asiana Airlines is a Korean company.
Now that the music video attached to 'Last Romeo' is being delayed out of respect for the victims of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, Woollim faces the hard decision of editing or re-filming the music video completely.
Most K-Pop music videos take several days to film and are costly. INFINITE was already making fans eager for 'Last Romeo,' since Woollim Entertainment didn't share any information. The delay may lessen anticipation.
INFINITE's comeback may be delayed until a later date, when the water scenes won't be mistaken for a reference to the ferry accident. However, Woollim Entertainment is closely monitoring the situation so that INFINITE's comeback will match fan's expectations.
Many other idols have delayed their comeback due to the tragedy, including EXO, so INFINITE may delay its comeback even longer so as to avoid the initial onslaught of comebacks that have been postponed.
The television and film industries have started to return to normal programming, but the music industry is only slowly starting to revitalize itself in wake of the tragedy.
Source: kpopstarz
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