Infinite’s Sung Kyu expressed his complaint against the other members.
June 2’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Hello will feature a man in his 20’s concerned about his friend, who has to share everything equally.
The man said, “Even when we drink, he takes out a scale to weigh exactly the same amount of alcohol in each glass. Even if I don’t want to drink, we have to drink the equal amount.”
Upon hearing this, the Infinite members started sharing their experiences of arguing with one another due to unfairness.
Sung Yeol said, “We had a problem in the beginning because only some of us cleaned and others never did. So now we do rock, paper, scissors so that things are fair.”

Then Sung Kyu complained, “We have to do rock, paper, scissors to decide on everything, such as who will get their make-up done first or who will take a shower first.”
He added, “Even when we move to a new house, the best room should be offered to hyung, out of courtesy, but they still insist that they do rock paper, scissors. It seems like the Infinite members lost their manners, ever since we started rock paper scissors,” which caused a round of laughter.

Source: Official Mwave
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