[BDAY TALK TO YOU] INFINITE L "I want love & affection which cannot be counted with money"
L (Kim Myungsoo) the visual of group INFINITE, is greeting his birthday on 13rd March. His visual looks like he just came out from the romance comics, and he even has limitless charms with chic but unexpected oddity. His eye smile make fans fluttering but he also shows manly aspects. We asked L who the god gave everything to, about his birthday feelings.
Q1. How do you feel on your birthday?
- Firstly, it is really happy. This is the only one day in one year, I was born. So I feel happy in my birthday but it also give me some strange feeling.
Q2. What does 'Birthday' mean to L?
- I think it is time to be lost in deep thought. Mmm... It is already March. I still remember Jan 1st like yesterday. Like this. I think it is time to plan for this year and reminisce about what I did in last three month.
Q3. How L think about getting older?
- It is natural to get older while time goes by. The time is still passing by, am I spending my time efficiently? Did I achieve something? Or did I spend fruitful, meaningful time for myself? When I think of these kind of questions, It reduce the burden, like complicated thinking of getting older. It is natural to get older, so I just want to achieve what is suitable for my age, so that I won't regret in the future.
Q4. What do you want to listen in your birthday?
- I don't really put huge meaning on 'birthday' but anyway it is only one day in one year. I think I couldn't be happier if I can hear "Happy Birthday" with sincere.
Q5. Which birthday was the memorable in your life?
- Mmm... I think it was when I was 5th grade in elementary school. I invited my friends to my house and we ate delicious foods, enjoying my birthday. But suddenly my home-study teacher came, so friends went out and played for a while and I had to study alone with teacher for a hour. It is unique birthday, isn't it?
Q6. What birthday gift was special in your memory?
- Every gift from fans, which they gave me with their love, is memorable. Every letters are precious.
Q7. What kind of gift do you want to receive in the future?
- I want to have what can't be counted with money. The love and affection for me is the perfect gift.
Q8.  If you have your birthday vacation?
- The destination depends on how long I have for vacation, but I want to go trip that I can heal myself.
Q9. Are there any star you want to get congratulations from?
- INFINITE members.
Q10. What was the wish you had in your childhood?
- Everyone on the earth become happy, not fighting with each other.
Q11. To imagine about L’s birthday 10 years later?
- Maybe I will talk about what I used to be with friends, having a drink?
Q12. Any people you want to thank in your birthday?
- Everyone who cherish and cheer me, Thank you and I love you.
Please leave a message to yourself.
- Please be happy in this year, too.
Source: Focusnews
Trans by Hyon for infiniteupdates.net