Soompi France had the chance to interview the band INFINITE when they came to Paris for their world tour " Great One Step . " Members introduced themselves happily and the interview began in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Many of you have asked questions on our Facebook group page. Discover the answers of the group members to some selected questions.
Soompi France: What is your fondest memory from your debut?
Hoya  : The most beautiful memory for me is NOW,  because I wanted to come to Paris for a long time.Now that I am here as a member of INFINITE, I'm doing my interview in Paris, I take pictures, I am preparing for the concert. I'm really like in a dream. At the moment this is the best memory since our debut.
Soompi France: In addition to three years of career you have never ceased to chain success. According to you what has been your greatest success?
Hoya  : For me, once again it is now. It is very difficult to realize that I am in world tour and more so in France. South Korea is on the other side of the planet. Our greatest reward is being able to meet our European fans and make this world tour.
We are not yet at the peak of our career, we will rise more and enjoy more.
Soompi France: What have you done since your arrival in France, have you visited the capital, met with French fans or tasted French cuisine?
Hoya  : Yesterday, me, Woohyun, Sungyeol and L we went out to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées. We were very impressed by the picture of the Mona Lisa.
Dongwoo  : Just after my breakfast, I went out to breathe air and there were a lot of fans in front of the hotel entrance. I did not know at all and I was happy, it was like the start of the concert, it was a very good meeting.
SungKyu  : I went out to buy orange juice and apple juice outside the hotel I was surprised, there were many fans who gave us gifts. I received a very impressive gift, a fan gave us a drawing of all the members she had done. France is truly the land of art. The drawing was better than us.
L  : Yesterday I had a dream. I dreamt that I was walking in Paris with a fan hand in hand. It seemed very real.
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