INFINTIE HOYA and Dongwoo came in this empty house, even stayed at this garden with willful growing weed, sat on the bench with a thin layer of dust, yet they still had refreshing smiles.
We're you tired recently?
Can't sleep well recently, I even tried to take a nap on the car and waiting room, but there's no way.
Do you have meal on time?
I'm on a diet to lose weight, can’t to eat too much. Mostly, I just buy some food at convenience store to fill my hunger.
What do you buy at convenience stores?
Banana milk
That's all?
I certainly like banana milk and drink a bottle a day (smile).
You don’t eat well and have no enough time to sleep.  How can you keep your mind and strength in such busy routine day?
Because we get the well response from music broadcast. We do the performance completely, and the fans also give us good feedback. Everything seems so interesting.
About writing the lyrics in person, it becomes more interesting, right? You have already said many times in interviews.
In fact, I have written the lyrics since INFINITE started to do the activities until INFINITEH's first album. We still join the creations impossibly, feeling a little bit pity.
Why we're you not able to give inputs in the first album?
Some prejudices and concerns to Idol singers doing HipHop music still exist, but it may also contain the meaning "It makes foundation firmly" when we do it at the beginning.
Is there anything that helped you write lyrics? It said that watching a lot of movies really do help?
Actually, there's nothing special. But seeing movies is really not bad. At ordinary time, I usually go to theaters to see movies.
Which movie did you see recently?
<Fox catcher> and <Jupiter Ascending>, Besides horror movie, I like all types of movie.
Why don't you like horror movies? Because they’re too cruel or scary?
I choose the latter one. After the shock, the fear still remain for a long time. When I get back home, I always feel that there's someone behind my bed, that’s so terrible.
If you speak more, Busan dialect will sometimes come out? Girls like the boy from Gyeongsang province, do you know that?
Ha ha ...there are some fans who occasionally ask for me to speak some dialects, because of that some of my friends speak dialect intentionally in order to make themselves seem much more handsome. But I don't know how to do that.
Asking me to speak a dialect is just like asking Seoul people to speak standard Seoul accent, it’s strange, isn't it?
Not only tone, even the voice are in diversity –singing and rapping are such dissimilarity, really miraculous isn't it?
About singing and rapping, the way to make vocal sound come out is different. When songs contain both of singing and rapping, we have to practice more often to overcome this problem. In addition, while rapping, in order to make my voice feel a little bit of emptiness, I thicken my voice and sing hoarsely intentionally. Through consistent practice, now my voice is not the same as the time when we just debut.
Besides voice, are there other things that are different from past to now?
My personality has changed a lot .Though some friends has become more sensitive and some of them are not, so well, I myself is confused. But it seemed that something had changed, and now, I start to become more mature gradually.
In which part?
Childishness and immature behavior lessen. I have become more responsible.
Always carry on responsibility, have you ever compromised with something? fact, we shouldn't drink before the music broadcasting, but under a lot of stress, so I just said "Drink it!"
Dazed March Vol. may be published right on your birthday, do you want something?
No, I won't say.
Fans will have burden on it, it's ok that they don't have to care for it. Not nonsense, sincerely feel very thankful.
You really looked like a grown-up.
Still far away.
What are you looking for?
You like animals, right?
Yes, so I have raised a kitty and a puppy.
 Don't you keep them now?
Kitty is not at home because of illness, now I only keep puppy, "Dorri".
 "Dorri" the name sounds so casual, don't you think?
Definitely not, look at my Instagram , there are many photos and video clips of Dorri, its full of my love. Want to see it?
No, I have seen it, that's enough (laughs).
How about INFINITE H's activities? The second album <Fly Again> is popular?
Really, we waited for a long time. I'm so glad to have such a good response. I especially enjoy doing HipHop with experienced musicians.
This time, the lyrics were written by Dongwoo and Hoya ,right?
We also want to add our input in the first album but there were so many concerns about "the first", that we had to be more cautious. We got great help from elder brother PRIMARY. We got comparatively different feeling until doing this by ourselves.
How to begin writing lyrics? One song composed by two persons, there must have some different opinions.
We discussed a lot in dormitory, "The former two sentences are for me, the latter two for you" or " This part have to be deleted?" we do it like that. Prevent competition –I think we’re still toward a good way eventually, like couples who fall in love, the quarrel that’s consuming the spirit must be avoided.
This album, which song do you like most?
"Sorry, I'm busy." Both lyrics and melody are so strong, I have wanted to try to do kind of song from the start.
Like the title of the song, you are also busy. Have done the health management? Recently, young people tend to take vitamins.
Yes, take it seriously. I take about 5 kinds of vitamins. Extracts of OMEGA-3 and Squalene shark. Each one are helpful to your vascular and liver. I forget the name, the last one is vitamin C.
You take all of that? You got them from your parents?
No, I checked the information and then bought them myself.
Besides healthy food, is there anything you care about?
Animation figure. I really treasure the Bearbrick figure model I make.
Why do boys like animation figures so much?
Figures possess our fancy. We imagine it, and make the shape at the same time.
 Imagine fighting with enemy, will you turn to someone for help?
Of course, I do that so often –staying at my own room, having some foolish thoughts. For someone will be bored doing something alone, I really do not understand. While having fun with figure, other people can’t understand why I can make the room such a mess.
 You have said that you will be a radio DJ someday, right? Which do you prefer? Broadcasting at daytime or nighttime?
During the day. Because I speak loud and quick, night broadcasting is not for me. I won’t be able to express my feelings.  "Cultwoshow" is at 2:00pm, so it seems that we have to choose the other time.
Haha even the timetable is determined, the closing must be set already?
If our broadcast is at 12:00, I hope listeners and I can say this together "Have a tasty meal" and then imagine having a meal.
 Don't you feel it's a bit dull?
No, ah .. "Have a tasty meal." just like we say "Good night ." Not bad, isn't it?
Finally, How about the INFINITE H's position?
Well..."the group can doing their own music" probably.
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