Using his birthday as a reason to do good, Infinite Hoya’s fanclub, Hear Ho, donated a large sum to the Snail of Love foundation.
In Celebration of Hoya’s 23rd birthday on March 28, his fanclub donated a total of five million won to the Snail of Love foundation, which aids the deaf, under the Infinite member’s name.

The donation will be used to give cochlear implants to deaf children who are in financial situation.
“Every year, around 1600 babies are born hearing impaired, and it upset us to know that these children do not hear anything since birth and live cut off from the world,” said the fanclub. “As the fans of a singer, we wanted to find sound for these kids who can’t hear, just as we receive love from Hoya.”
Meanwhile, Hoya will feature in Eric Nam’s new song Ooh Ooh, set for release on April 8.
Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment, Snail of Love

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