[OSEN=Park Hyun Min] INFINITE that has released its 2nd regular album in 3 years, has held its first showcase, ‘INFINITE 1. 2. 3 Showcase’ in Japan successfully on May 19th.
INFINITE that had noticed its massive comeback showcase in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, has brilliantly opened its stage in Tokyo, Japan.The response was hot since they arrived at the Japanese airport. Local fans welcomed them and fans crowded the Festival Plaza of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza since the morning of 19th. The showcase which started at 6:30 p.m. successfully went along through thousands of fans’ shouts.
They opened the showcase stage with their song ‘Destiny’ which was greatly loved last summer. They also stimulated sensitivity of fans with ‘Memories’ which is a song contained in the new album. They also sang ‘Last Romeo’ in Japanese showing their transformed image into romanticists that made fans get wild.They also made fans that could not come to the showcase excited by releasing pictures of the actual showcase on online sites.
It is predicted that the heat of the second showcase in Taiwan would be hotter since the first one has finished successfully. According to Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE has boarded the airplane headed to Taiwan and moved to the concert hall right away for the rehearsal, and their second showcase would be held at Taipei 101.At May 21st 8 p.m., the showcase will end having their last concert held in Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium in Seoul.
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Source: Naver Star
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