On this week's episode of 'This is Infinite,' the INFINITE members took to the streets to figure out how popular they were.
When the boys arrived at a marketplace to see how many people could recognize them, the fans heard and crowded around the boys.  However, even though the group seemed popular as a whole, it appeared there were pretty big differences in popularity among the individual members.
The most popular was L while the least popular was Sunggyu--even based on the number of SNS followers they had!  As a matter of fact, Sunggyu walked around while eating food and could do it with complete ease.  In the interview portion, he said as an excuse, "That day, my complexion was not good, my hair was too short, and my outfit was bad."
Upon learning this, netizens showed sympathy towards Sunggyu as well as disbelief. However, they showed no surprise that L was in first place.
Source: allkpop
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