After a successful project last One Great Step in Manila Jang Dongwoo Philippines and Infinite Updates will be working again on another project for our bright Dongwoo – this time for Infinite Effect in Manila.
Our project will be very simple, no fundraising will be required as Jang Dongwoo Philippines and Infinite Updates will shoulder all the expenses.
#1 Green Heart Project
How to execute the project:

  • Hold up neon green paper hearts

On Dongwoo’s ment, everyone is encouraged to participate by holding up a neon green paper heart.  The hearts will be provided by us for the color to be standard for everyone.

  • Sing the birthday song

Everyone is encouraged to sing the birthday song in English as we hold up the green hearts.
How to get the paper hearts:

  • Like what we did with OGS Manila, we’ll have volunteers who’ll be handing out the hearts in each section.
  • We know all of you will be all hyped up during the concert and there is a big chance that you might lose the paper hearts.

How to be a volunteer:

#2 Dongwoo’s Birthday Cake

  • We’ll have a birthday cake customized for this event (this will be under another project which will be announced soon ^^).
  • We would like the cake to be brought up on the stage as we do the heart project. (Note: This is still subject for approval.)

We’re hoping for everyone’s participation. Thank you~
For questions about the projects send us an e-mail to or