*After 'BACK'*
SK: Thank you. Today you chanted 'Back' and 'Dasidorawa' alternately... Haha. We were also confused.‘When do we have to go out...?’
SY: But they were also laughing while doing that.
SK: Yes, I heard that. You chanted 'Back backbackbackback~' and laughed out loud at the next part. Anyway... Huh?
*Fans started to sing 'WITH' but it was not clear*
WH: What is this song? I am really sorry, but what is this song?
HW: With, with, with.
WH: Ahh~
Fans: I'll say it more~ I'll love you more~ We walked together till now~♪
WH&Fans: And we cried together~ The only one I will never forget is you~♪I thought about this before~ In the far away future~ You and me will be still together~♪
DW: Wow, you sang the ending song.
Fans: I love you! I love you! I love you!
SK: Ah, thank you.
WH: Thank you so much.
SK: This song is the song we usually sang for the last song in our concert few years ago.
DW: Right.
SK: I want you to practice singing.... little bit more. Hahahaha.
DW: I think our inspirits are so lovely, always trying to give new things as a present. It's good. Do you practice every time? Hahaha. This sound is nice to listen. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Anyway we sang our encore song, and this is the time for our members to talk for the last time. I will be the first. Yes, what did you say? Talk long? Okay. I see.Now, the first thing coming into my mind is 'What wise saying will Dongwoo make today...'.Haha.
Firstly, today is the last day of our second world tour INFINITE EFFECT. The real last day. Finally we are doing concert in Seoul.Everyone, thank you for your hard work for a long time, and I want to say thank you to our members. I also want to say thank you to you, who missed us a lot.For ending, in Seoul, listening to your fabulous songs. *laugh* No, it was really fabulous! I'm really happy to make this. We prepared our concert with huge worry, but I am so thankful to our members to follow well.And actually, we prepared so many songs, but our HIT songs are just piling up. Hahaha. It is hard to perform all songs in the one concert. I feel sorry for that, and I want to show you various songs next time.
-Fans: The Answer!
'The Answer' will be... Don't you think that one day, there will be the day I hold a concert alone? Now our boss will be embarrassed. It's just a joke~ Hahahaha.
Anyway, we will prepare for the next album. I hope that this year will be full of happiness and brightness.I really want you to be happy. Be happy, and good luck to you.Thank you so much for being with us. Take care while going home, and be careful of catching a cold.
-Fans: Okay~
Do you need to respond like that soulless? Haha. Anyway please take care while going home.I hope that we can keep today in our heart for a long time.Please look forward to our next album, and our next concert.Hoya's movie will be released soon, and we will all visit the premiere all together.We will try to suppress a laugh while watching it. Haha, it's a joke.We know how hardly he shot that movie, and this is what we have to congratulate. Please cheer him together.
Thank you. This was Sungkyu.
Yes, yes, yes. This is my turn. It feels like we just started our world tour, but already we are having last moment. Do you feel sad? Yes, we also feel sad. This time is world tour, but next time we will hold Korea tour...!! I want the day to visit your region one by one come quickly.
And, who came yesterday said that they don't have girlfriend! Oh, no, no! Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Sorry! They said they don't have boyfriend. Do you have any?
-Fans: There!!!
What? There(screen)? Ah, here(Sungyeol)? Here is your boyfriend? okay, okay. Please make one quickly.
-WH: Sungyeol-ssi, I am their boyfriend. Do you have any problem?
No, no. I don't. Well, what I wanted to say was just... You should...
-Fans: Namwoohyun! Namwoohyun! Namwoohyun!
This is MY TURN!!!
-WH: I'm so sorry! This is all!
Uh, in the future, you might get married, have a child, and we will also have a child at that time. When we gather again at that time and have a concert, I want you to come with your child, and support us forever. I just wanted to tell you this so I talked about boyfriend. Will you keep our promise? Thank you.
-DW: How about having a sports day at that time! All together!
Sports day all together. That day will surely come in the future.We will laugh together, thinking like 'We used to be like that in the past'.Anyway, I really enjoyed today's concert. Take care while going home. I love you!
Hahahaha. I sympathize with Sungyeol. When we have sports day in the future, we will talk like'That player is the MVP in idol star athletic champ...' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yes, anyway I don't have special saying for today. I just like you. Love you.We always become touched because of each other, don't we?
*SK, SY was preparing to take a note of DW's saying* No, why are you... It is uncomfortable~ Haha, friends~
Anyway, we become touched about other things, too. It can be movie or animation.Recently, I was touched by animation. It was about 'When do person die' (T/N: Saying from 'One piece')
-SY: *Writes down* When do they die?
Yes, it is not when we finish our life. The hugest death is when we get forgotten by people.There is a saying like that. I think that we can be good motives in your life, good role model,and good girlfr... no, did I say girlfriend? Good boyfriend! and be good oppa and dongsaeng.Then we can be remembered forever! When we become old, and even when we go back to the nature...
-WH: Nature??
I have a wish that we can be the motivation, and companion of your life. It's the reason we do our best on the stage. We can share good things, and bad things, and make win-win game. But moreover, I want this moment to become an impressive memory in your life. I like physical communications, but Aigoo, no, don't misunderstand! This is... not that... I didn’t mean it...I really, no, no, I mean just dancing or... something like... What is this!! It means artistic communication! I like that kind of communication but I also want mental communication to relieve your stress...Oh, I'm sorry. I just said that words without thinking. I admit that. Sorry. I just want our relationship to be that close.This is also the reason I try to do chatting with you. People don't die because they are having hard time, but they die because they couldn't get proper comfort.I will meet you again in fan-cafe chatting. I tried to make a chatting room with 100 people but I couldn't read it. Chatting was too rapid. So I think 20 is suitable. If you want then 50... No, let's just do meeting one day.
Anyway, today's keyword was 'I want to be your mental power'.You know that I love you, right? I always thank my parents. They scold me always;
*Fans are doing this much for you, you shouldn't stay just like this!
And even my father comes to me and says... 'You...', he is shy but he says 'You... go and say something to them~'My father always do like this, so I know that... Your love.... I will always.... No, I don't cry. I won't cry. I won't. Thank you so much. Thank our inspirits who came today. Thank you father and mother.
Father! Ah... Mmm... We talked about PSY seonbaenim before... I want you to listen his song 'Father'.Father... ha... I hope you can be fully recovered by your cancer treatment. I want our family to go travel all together again.I know you are struggling hard now, and exercising hard. Guys are like that... It is difficult for guys to say 'I love you' but I felt a lot after meeting our fans. I learned how to express, and I got guts. I was shy till my high school days. I was a quiet friend in the class. I'm thankful that I can express my feelings to my father, and thankful also that I can go near to him. I love you so much. Father! Be healthy! Thank you.
SK: Actually, my father also came here. I really... like our families. They thought that I might be a lawyer or a prosecutor when I grow up.
SY: So did my parents.
SK: Right. Maybe every mother's best wish is that kind of...
SY: Their roman job?
SK: Specialized job.
DW: They also dreamed of Korean medicine doctor. They asked me to apply acupuncture to them.
SK: Although we broke their dream~ Now we can invite our parents here. I think Dongwoo is so nice to say 'I love you' with sincerity. Wait, did your parents come?
SY: They... they are working.
SK: Ah, indeed, living is important.
SY: They didn't come since 2 years ago.
SK: But you know that parents are precious.
SY: Yes, of course. And your parents are also my parents~
SK: Hoya-ssi might be pressured because he is next. But I want to tell our parents, members' parents, That we love you all.
DW: And next is Hoya-ssi! Hoya-ssi who had the hardest time!
How should I start this ment to make it smooth?
-SK: How about starting with 'Live in soccer, Die in soccer.'
From what... What words do I have to tell~♪ How should I tell~♪ Okay, this is Hoya.
-DW: You personally prepared a lot. You also danced while you were injured, oh why am I using polite speech to him? Anyway, you danced. I am proud of you to prepare that much. So please talk sincerely about that.
When we started our concert, I was just sitting at that side. I was so happy to dance together for the ending. I always thought like this... but this time, sincerely... I performed every stage, thinking 'It can be the last time for me.'Once you get injured, it's easy to get injured again. I... practiced well... till yesterday, with good condition...But honestly... my ankle was injured again during yesterday's rehearsal. I haven't told this to our members or anybody. I think I could finish this concert till the end because you enjoyed it and shouted loud for me. Thank you sincerely. This atmosphere is gloomy now! Haha. Please laugh. Laugh! It is gloomy.
I watched an animation! They talked about 'When do person die'! When person feels that they are dead, is not when we finish our life. It is when people don't laugh at what they say! They said that it is the real death.So please laugh out loud for everything I say.
-Fans: Hahahahaha.
Okay. Anyway this is not the real end. When we finish something, then new thing starts.
-Fans: HA.HA.HA.HA!
What? What did you say? Hahahaha?? Thank you~ Thank you.Yesterday I... we call it 'Henna', right? I wrote letters in my body, and last night I went there and wrote one more phrase.'Everything is granted as I want'? I wrote some phrase like that. It felt different to me when I read that phrase.
-Fans: HA.HA!!
Can you laugh louder? As I want...
-Fans: Show us! Show us! Show us! Show us! Show us!
What? Haha. Show you? Where was it? It is... here!
Anyway I think I'm on the way I want, not so fast but slightly walking on that path. I think it could happen because you are holding my hand and walking with me. I want you to be with me in the future. You... will be with me... right? Really? Thank you all for your hard working during this world tour. Inspirit, Thank you so much and I love you.
-Fans: L oppa! L oppa! L oppa! L oppa! L oppa!
Yes, I am L oppa. Someone sent me a mention like this.'Full name -L oppa-. Well, if you are cool then you are absolutelyoppa.' Someone said like this.Uhh... I really... Honestly to you all... No. I am oppa so I will say to you(impolite word). Haha. I really...
-SY: Once you set your concept, keep going with it!
Mmm. Sincerely to you... to our babies~ I am kind of a curt person, more than you think. So sometimes I cannot take care of you lot.But you know that... The real oppa act like a 'tsundere' but they always take care of you in your back. I will do a role of real oppa to you. So our babies can~ haha. show this oppa to everyone proudly. And now we are all trying to be like that oppa you can lean on when you have a hard time. I always told you like 'I will do my best to do so', 'I will do' but now, I am already doing this for real! Anytime, we can have chat, or... I have comments time in cafe sometimes. I will feel glad if our relationship becomes closer, so that you can confess your hardship. Now, I am reliable. Right.
And! I watched an animation! The character in animation said like this! He said 'When person die is the moment they are forgotten by others'Uh... Oppa is sorry to say this serious story suddenly. Sometimes we... Don't laugh! I am serious! I feel ashamed but I can talk confidently. If you are man, you should have driving force!
-Fans: L oppa! L oppa! L oppa! L oppa! L oppa!
This is nice to hear. Sometimes we can show you... not in front of others, only in front of you. We might show you our sadness, but please support and hug us with your heart. Ah, I am so happy to be here, to perform on encore concert, I don't want to be forgotten. I love our INFINITE members who made this stage shining, and I love Inspirits. I hope we can walk on the way full of happiness. Well! If you and me are together, every path will be a flower way.
Always love you, thank you. I'm living in happiness. I love our babies!
Yes. Thank you. I...
-Fans: Lee Sungjong! Lee Sungjong! Lee Sungjong!
Thank you so much. I cried a lot yesterday. And the day before yesterday, when my flight landed in Korea, I cried a lot alone in the plane. I won't cry today. I won't. In Tonga, when the cyclone came, the electricity was gone, sound of windstorm was loud, and doors were rattling. I covered my ears with my pillow, tried to sleep while groaning. But after that, I could be on the stage like this. I am so thankful. I really thank... and today is the last concert. I don't know when we will have a concert again, but when we have, I will prepare a lot to show you...I also did my best today, but I feel ashamed that I couldn't practice a lot. So in the next concert, I will show you Sungjong who is cooler and improved
While staying in there, I felt, 'Ah, feeling of anxiety is exactly this.'But after arriving here, watching our fans, anxiety disappeared. Really, really I am fully recovered. Thank you Inspirits who made it possible for me to do concert today. I couldn't be on the stage if you're not there. Thank you so much.
And... Honey!
-SY: Ehh??
I missed you so much! Please dream of me today!  I love you, Inspirit! Oh, and for the last, today is the last so I want to hear your shout once. Everybody make some noise~
Thank you.
-Fans: Nam Woohyun! Nam Woohyun! Nam Woohyun!
One day you will turn back and look at me~ If I wait endlessly in your back~♪The word in my heart that I couldn’t tell you today~ I love you~♪
Yes. You are the one who make me smile and sing. I love you, too. Thank you. In every concert, I talked about what I felt during concert.Today, while members were talking, I thought about the concert, from the first moment to now.
'Did I make any mistake?' or 'Did I missed any single gaze from our fans?' or... mmm...
-Fans: Here!!
Yes? Ah, I missed there? Hahaha. I will go there later. Don't worry. I will go there later. You miss me even when you are looking at me, right? You feel the same with me.
Anyway, this world tour was started in 2015 and now it's 2016. The day we started this tour is like... not like yesterday but it is like... last month.But it is already the last moment of tour, it feels fresh to be with you in this good place. On the other side... we should start 2016, it is a new start, right? Also for you and also for us, we have to prepare new albums, new units, new dramas and also variety shows. I thought I might have pressure that I have to start new things, when I finish this moment with you, and when I go back home and try to sleep. But I had a good time with you so it lightened my burden. I was so happy. How about you? Was it good? Really I was also happy. Just by looking into your eyes, it feels warm like coming back to the hometown.
-Fans: It's your hometown!
Yes, here is my hometown. I was born in Seoul. I'm just saying. You try to be exact always.
-HW: You didn't make any mistake before, but you made one now.
-HW: You made mistakes in your word!
You are really good at pointing out. Who was it? Raise your hand. I just asked you to raise your hand and it has no meaning~
Anyway, thank you for making good memory today. And as I said yesterday, today will be the best #5 in my...
-Fans: Which rank!!!!!
No, don't ask which rank it is. You know~ Okay, then how about you?
-Fans: First!!!!!
First? Yesterday, and also today, only liars are gathered in here. Anyway thank you for visiting here in cold weather.You can put your slogan down if your arms are aching. Your arms might be aching now. Are you okay?
-Fans: Yes!!!
If you are okay then raise it higher so that we can see it clearly. Yes. Wow, it is so beautiful.You wrote INFINITE & INSPIRIT together.We will do our best to be together like this, so please believe us and come with us. You understood? Thank you for coming here from the far places, and if we have chance, we will visit you all over the Korea. It might not be achieved even if I say like this. But what I say can be a trigger, right? I want! to do Korea tour! Hahahaha. Thank you, take care while going home, be careful of catching a cold. I love you! Thank you! Thank you!
WH: And for the last, Sungkyu-ssi, please introduce the last song.
SK: Well, it doesn't need to be introduced by me. Anyway thank you so much for coming today.
SK: From the far places to here... thank you so much.During this tour, our members, Woohyun-ssi and Hoya-ssi was sick, and everyone didn't have good condition because of tight schedule. But I thank you so much to bear that hardship. We... I... Oh my words are slurred. After the concert, we will drink after a long time, but you have to go to the work tomorrow so don't wander around. The last song is... The last song is 'Voice of My Heart' Thank you.
*Last Song 'Voice of My heart'*
Translation by Infinite Updates!