*After 'BACK'*
DW: Wow, I was surprised while listening to your encore! Can you chant 'Dorawa!dorawa!' again?
Fans: Dorawa! Dorawa! Dasidorawa!
DW: Back backbackbackbackDorawa back backbackbackback~
HW: Dorawa~ Come back, I want you,
Fans: Back backbackbackback~
DW: This is really good. It sounds like mixing of two songs. Ah, that's all. It just felt great.
SK: Really, behind the stage, Dongwoo-ssi said with sincere gaze, 'This is great'. I don't know whether it is his sincerity or not... but anyway.
WH: I will compose that song and give Dongwoo so that he can listen alone.
DW: Goood~ That is gooooood~
SK: We changed our encore song after several years.But you guys are so consistent, so finally you sang 'Dorawa~' Actually, we also changed our last encore song.
SK: Oh, you don't like it? The last song will be 'The Answer'... It's just a joke~
WH: It's just a joke~
Uh, anyway, Thank you for asking us for encore. And I will say one word first, oh it won't be a single word.
-DW: By the way, this event is great.
It says 'We missed you'
-SY: 'We missed you', 'Heart'!
-WH: This side says 'Did you go and come back well?'
I think we all feel the same, we really missed you for a long time and wanted to see you. So, we wanted to appear in SHOWTIME as a gift for you and it is already on-air. Did you watch it well? We were not in Korea, so we watched it abroad. But it was also funny for us to watch ourselves. And many people said that I am talkative in TV but when they meet me, I am shy and quiet.
-Fans: Ehhhh???
Alright. I am talkative always.
-WH: Yes, you are talkative.
Alright. Anyway it was good to see you, Inspirits in Korea, after a long time. It's already 2016, and February. It is bit late but happy new year. I am really happy to come back like this. And today... mmm...I'm not sure whether you enjoyed today's concert...I was nervous while performing today's stage because it has been long time from our last concert in Korea. Personally, I have some parts that I feel ashamed, but I am really happy because the emotion you gave me was so touching. I hope you to keep this feeling for a long time.Thank you again for coming today.
-Fans: Thank you! I love you!
Yes. Me, too. Yes, yes~ Uhh... Anyway. Take care while going home. And I love you, too. Thank you.
It's first time to meet you after we left in August, 2015 and new year came.Last time when we left, I asked you 'Do you have boyfriend?' and you said 'No', right? And you still don't have any, right? Okay~So we did our best to do the role of boyfriend today, do you think we are now like boyfriend? It's glad to hear that.
Anyway, Inspirits who constantly love us and wait for us, Thank you so much.I hope that we can get closer in 2016, and also hope that our relationship become like...'Know what you want just by watching your eyes'. I love you all!
Yes, It was so happy today. What I said about my rap... that is just like... it's just the truth. What we do easily become news articles, and we easily be on everyone's lips. Well, sometimes it is good but it also hurts, I just laugh off, bear them, but sometimes I become a monster. I just wrote about that. But everything looks different in everyone's eyes. Nobody has a correct answer. I wrote a lyrics to tell that we become mature because of such a thing like that.
In relationship between person and person, I think... I read some saying. Relationship is like a 'Seesaw'. The person who has a heavier heart will make the other go up. The one in the sky might think that they will always stay in the sky, but the one who can leave fast, the one who has their feet on the ground is the one who is sitting at the other side. You always make us go up. Also in this afternoon, I ate lunch well, Sungkyu hyung. There was a support.
-SK: Ah! Yes, I also ate well!
As much as we receive, we will also make you go up! So that both of us can go up and down! It looks like Squat! Anyway we will do our best as we do now, to make our relationship like that. Please look forward to our music activities in the future, not only solo stages. Let's make good relationships. Yes, that's right. This is exactly Dongwoo. Thank you. Thank you for waiting for us. Bye bye~ See you next time! Thank you.
Yes, I am Hoya. When we ride a slide, the one who has a heavier weight... goes down fast.I want you to enjoy together, stand up and jump together.
Mmm... Was it funny? You waited for a long time, didn't you? We also waited for a long time. I have no idea what to say, because it has been long time since we talk here in Korea.
-Fans: Then English please!
What? In English? Oh~ Hahaha. Really thank you all for waiting for us. I'm not sure whether we showed you enough, as much as you expected. But we did our best in the time we have. I hope that today was a happy time for you... I hope that you can remember today as a happy moment in future. You understood? Thank you so much. Anybody who will also come tomorrow? Are there?
*Most of fans raised their hand* Uh...... It will be just copy & paste. Thank you so much, and see you tomorrow!
Yes, I am L oppa! We held the concert after 6 months in the same place.
*Something exploded at the back side and everyone was frightened*
Don't care of that. Focus on me.
-DW: Don't be angry~
-WH: Don't care of that~
-Fans: L oppa! L oppa! L oppa!
-SK: Everyone will think that you are older than him, but why are you saying oppa?
It's okay. I am oppa of everyone so don't care of these guys.
-DW: Did you say 'Baegopa'? Hungry?
Ah, we came back here after 6 months, so thank you for being together like this.Here is our Inspirits, but uhh... also here is my friend who has never came to my concert before. Are you watching me? I am...
-DW: I am this kind of guy~
I am doing the concert as INFINITE, with so many our Inspirits, the great boss, our managers, stylists, and with everyone. Are you watching me? I always wanted to tell this.
-WH: Wow, you are bluffing!
This is not a bluffing! This is my wish and hope... I want to do like this forever. I know that I am cool! ... Sorry. Haha.
*Pointing at the slogans* Literally, we came back well, Heart, and we missed you a lot.Please look forward to the new albums of Infinite, and our personal activities. I love you.
Your placard says 'Did you go and come back well?'... *Cry* Yes, I came back well...
-WH: Please don't play the sad piano.
No, I'm crying not because it is painful. It's just because I am happy. I can't believe that I can stand here.
-DW: Right, Please smile while crying. Right. You are so lovely.
Really I am happy. I came back well and I did well as much as you worried, so don't worry.
- DW: I was really surprised because Sungjong became so nice. He had hard time, but he learned a lot, too.
It is first the time, honestly I was about to cry from the opening. I was so happy. So many people were waiting for me, and so many were worrying for me, so I was touched. Thank you for our boss, and all the staffs here, members...
-SK: Which member was worried the most for Sungjong?
-SY: Me!
All~ all of you.
-SK: Which member did you message mostly?
Actually, with Sungkyu hyung~ I messaged with others a lot, too. With all of our members. But, since he is the leader hyung, I firstly gave message to Sungkyu hyung.
'My situation is like this. In the worst case, I cannot be on stage. What should I do'
Members were practicing hard, but I was locked in... oh, it was not ‘locked in’, but anyway. I practiced a lot alone, but I am now happy. I came back well. I did well, as much as you worried about me, nope, I did well so that you don't need to worry. So don't worry. I will show you Sungjong who is more improving in 2016. Thank you.
-WH: You stepped up one grade.
-DW: Proud of you!
Thank you.
-WH: You are now upgraded this much.
-Fans: Leesungjong! Leesungjong! Leesungjong!
Go home after this concert, and dream of me~
-WH: Sungjong-ah, please do 'I love you' once.
Inspirit, I love you~
-WH: Sungjong-ah, please do 'When you have too many thoughts' once.
When you have too many thoughts, have Sungjong! Thank you.
Cool. I believe that Sungjong will be mature, taking this opportunity .I think we made good memories today with you, so today will be the best #5 in my life... In my top 5.
-Fans: Which rank?
Don't ask me about exact rank. It looks like the person who says 'The trick is this!!' while watching magic. First? First is the time when my parents gave birth to me. Don't try to be exact.
Anyway, I was happy that much today. How about you? Great? Your #1 memory?
-Fans: Yes!!!
I think you learned how to lie in the last 6 months. By the way, today is cold but I think you didn't wear warm clothes. Is it hot? Now you say that it is hot but when you go outside, you will send mention to me like 'ㅠㅠ cold'. You thought that I might don't know that? It can be hot in here but it is cold outside. Please wear warm clothes.It's okay for me to catch a cold. I'm fine. I can do this much on the stage even if I catch a cold. I am also improved this much, so don't worry. Don't be sick.
Hair? My hair? Yes, I changed my hair newly. Because I thought I have to prepare for a new start after world tour. We will have so many happy days with you in 2016, so please look forward to it, please love us, and please keep your heart like today. Thank you so much for coming today, and I will support you to arrive your home well. Thank you, and also thank you for this slogan event. Your arm might be aching, so you can put it down now.
SK: And I have one thing to ask... Ah! It is personal talk so should I talk about this later?
SY: No, tell now.
WH: Nope, just do it.
SK: Tomorrow, I want you to cast some rapper for my solo stage. Please. Anyway it was just a personal talk. Yesterday I saw Sungjong and... I was really worried if we can make our concert. But he made it maturely, so I also learned a lot from him. We could make this because of your worry and your support. Thank you so much instead of him. And the last song is... 'The Answer' Haha It's just a joke~
WH: Sungkyu-ssi, Sing that. If you want to sing that much, then just sing your song.
SK: Nope.
SY: If you really want to sing...
MS: It seems like you really want to sing that song, so please sing.
SK: No, no.
WH: This is our concert. If you want to sing, then you can sing.
SK: There will be the good day to sing this song. Our members will sing the last song...
*Fans were keep shouting Kim Sungkyu* ‘It has to be you~♪
SK: ’Ah!!! Now it sounds like that I really wanted to sing this song!
DW: Please start from the part 'From your brown hair~'
SK: Phew... ‘From your brown hair~♪’ Okay. Anyway it was just for making you laugh. It's just a joke~ There will be the good day to sing that song. Our members will sing the last song with voice of our heart. Thank you all who came today. This is the last song.
*Last Song 'Voice of My heart'*
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Translation by Hyon of Infinite Updates!