On a new episode of 'This Is Infinite' on March 13, the INFINITE members had to figure out how well they knew one another.
Sunggyu asked the others, "What do I say often these days?"  The answer was, "That's contrived," but the other members threw out, "Snap out of it," "Hey you," "Let's get a drink" (which Sunggyu acknowledged was true, too), and, "Come to Cheongdam."
Finally, Sunggyu gave them a clue, saying it was something that he did not normally say a lot, but he started saying as they filmed 'This Is Infinite.'  Finally, Hoya got the answer, but it begs the question: were the members' guesses things that Sunggyu normally did say a lot?
For Hoya's turn, he asked the other members the reason behind the last time he cried. The simple answer was that he was watching a movie.  Woohyun claimed to know the answer and shouted, "Because you didn't get to go on 'Reply 1994.'"  Hoya denied this, but Woohyun kept up with, "You cried a lot watching 'Reply 1994'; you were saying, 'I should have come out in that!'"
Hoya claimed he didn't even watch it, but the others did not believe him.  Make sure you watch the episode for more fun!
Credit: allkpop