How to increase MV views 

For whatever browser you are using, you need to use private/secret mode so youtube cannot track your views using cookies. This guide shows you how to do it for internet explorer/chrome/firefox.
For internet explorer: press Ctrl+Shift+P. This will open a new window for InPrivate Browsing.
 For Chrome users:
Press Ctrl+Shift+N and a new window should pop up. It should have a message that tells you that you are now browsing the web in secret mode.
For Firefox users:
Click the firefox menu on the top left hand side of your browser then click on ‘New Private Window’. This will open up a private window for you to browse.
Now to start increasing MV views, click on the link below and it will take you to the MV.
Once you have the MV opened up, login with your youtube account. Create a new playlist and add Back MV into your playlist multiple times. You can now start playing your playlist and it will repeat itself.
Again make sure you are in private/secret browsing mode!!
Most importantly, do not mute the MV as it will not count. It needs to be at least 50% volume.