Our Howon never did anything to make us mad and he was always a nice son. When we call, we don’t talk way too much and when he comes home, he asks a lot of questions about what’s going on around the house and he tries to know every little thing about the things at home. He asks if there’s something wrong. He doesn’t do aegyo or anything but all my sons talk well and having three sons, usually people think it’s really hard taking care of them, but honestly, we never had a problem with them. Our second son, Hoya never got into trouble at school and always studied well. But one day, he flipped the whole house upside down. That was because he said he wanted to drop out of school. He said he wanted to become a singer at his third year of middle school. I went to auditions with Howon without letting my husband know, because, I trusted him from the start. When he says he’ll do something, he always did it. He has always showed that he’s not the kid who says he’ll do something and never finish.Soon, the time passed and he went into In Mun Gae High School, however staying at school until 10 PM for night classes held him back from his dream and gave him a small bit of time to practice and that’s when Hoya was determined to drop out of school.
We asked the teacher if the school could allow him to listen to the official classes and not stay for the night classes but since he wasn’t officially in an entertainment company, they couldn’t allow it. He started to feel rushed and he felt that at that pace, he will never reach his dreams and he said that he decided that he would drop out of school and at that moment him and his father clashed.
At first, his father thought that he had that thought because of problems with friends/students at school. He couldn’t believe the fact that his son was determined to drop out of school to become a singer. To persuade a father with a viewpoint like that, it was all Hoya.
His father soon gave in and allowed him on one condition, that he took his GED test right away. Hoya being a bright kid, passed it right away, he was always a kid who did things well. Until he was accepted into an entertainment company, he went from Changwon to [omitted because glare in picture], he would go in the morning and come back on the night subway, even in the winter, he would practice so hard that he would come back with his shirt still wet from all the practicing.
After debuting, because of Hoya’s wish for his parents to live closeby to him, they moved to Bupyeong (I think that’s where..= n =) and opened the resturant here. That moment, fans from Japan look over at Hoya’s mom and start a conversation with her, they repeatedly tell her “He’s handsome” and “He’s cool” and more.
"After the concert, a lot of fans came. At that time, I couldn’t tell whether or not this was Korea or a resturant in a foriegn country. Everyone had a travel backpack/suitcase. They all knew what to order too, like as soon as they got the menu. We translated the menu for the foriegn fans but I guess we didn’t really need them. The fans were very mannered too, and I was very thankful about that."
When they first decided on moving, Hoya’s parents hoped to have some time to rest before opening their new resturant but without rest, they opened it right away and that upsetted and worried Hoya.
"He asked us why we didn’t even rest a bit and keep working, to be honest, a person who worked a long time in their lives, when they stop working, their body starts to ache. Surprisingly, when we started working again, it didn’t hurt. We’re people who work everyday, we have nothing at home."
The question of whether or not Hoya has bought her a brand name bag or not came out and she laughed, the way she laughed, you can see Hoya in it. Though, if you say Hoya has a sharp charm, the mother’s smile is a more calm look. 
"I’ve been told that I have a nice first impression, when he came back from America, he surprised me with one, and honestly, we’re thankful that he’s a good child, we don’t have to worry every day and we can trust him. To a parent, that’s the best.
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