Updated: September 20, 2016
Here is a simple guide on how to vote and explanation of the chart breakdown.

#1 MBC Show Champion (broadcast every Wednesday):
Voting Period: Monday 00:00 am to Sunday 23:59
- Vote through the 아이돌챔프! IDOL CHAMP app (for Android users, tutorial: HERE)
  • Download the app here: Google Play |  APKPLZ
  • Note: Idol Champ application has been updated please make sure to download the latest version for the app to work. (Latest version : 1.0.427

- Vote through MBC Plus website (for iOS users, tutorial HERE)
50% - Digital charts (Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Naver Music and Genie)
10% - Physical Charts (Hottracks, Synnara, Hanteo etc.)
15% - Professional music judges criteria
15% - MBC Music Broadcast Score
10% - Netizen popularity points

#2 Mnet M!Countdown (broadcast every Thursday):
Pre-voting Period: Every Friday 02:00 am to Monday 09:00 am KST
50% - Digital: Stream the full song on Melon once every hour (one minute preview doesn't count)
15% - Physical: Albums bought from Hottracks, Synnara, Hanteo etc.
15% - Social media score : Youtube Official MV Score
10% - Rating (based on preference of 1000 people): Collected through research experts
10% - Broadcast score: How often the song appears on radio or how often the MV is played on TV stations in Korea
+10% Live voting  : 1st Place Nominee Live Voting
*You can only vote if Infinite is nominated for 1st place during live broadcast
*Text 인피니트 to +822366 or 00822366 (2366 if you are residing in Korea)
#3 KBS Music Bank (Broadcast every Friday):
*65% Digital sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs etc)
*20% Broadcast points (How often KBS TV or radio plays their MVs or songs)
*10% Viewer's choice
*5% Physical sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks etc.)
#4 Show! Music Core (Broadcast every Saturday):
70% Digital+Physical sales : Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks + Melon, Soribada, Bugs etc.
10% Music video views : From Woollim Channel only (Must be the Official Channel)
10% Live voting : Text 인피니트 to +820505 or 00820505 (0505 if you are residing in Korea) *Vote only if Infinite is in top 3
10% Pre-voting (Through gathering of committee of 2000 people on official site)
#5 SBS Inkigayo (Broadcast every Sunday):
*55% - Digital sales (Gaon Digital Chart)
*35% - SNS scores (Official Woollim Youtube MV Views)
*5% - Pre-voting (voting thru Melon - requires registered Korean number)
*5% - Physical Album sales (Gaon Album Chart)
+ 10% Live votes (SMS + Melon Voting) : Text 인피니트 +821245 or 00821245 (1245 if you are residing in Korea) *Vote only if Infinite is in top 3
#6 SBS MTV : THE SHOW (Broadcast every Tuesday)
Pre-score (comprises 50% of Korea and China scores respectively)
Korea: 60% Digital + 30% Official MV views + 5% Expert preference + 5% SNS
China: 60% Tudou MV views + 40% Netizen preference
Final Score:
Pre-score 70% + Real time Korea voting 15% + Real time China voting 15%
*Korea SMS voting - Type 인피니트 then send to +00821119 / 00821119 / +821119 / 821119 (whichever works)
*SNS - vote by tweeting @SBS_MTV the following hashtags #더쇼 #인피니트
Note: Keep your first vote simple just tweet @SBS_MTV  #더쇼 #인피니트 . Votes using the same ID after the first vote "MAY" not count due to the system. Keep your succeeding votes simple no emojis, no pictures, no videos for the system may not be able to read it tho a short message may count.
Period: Thursday to Monday 12:00 nn

*Tudou MV views - Go here (LINK) and click the orange tab beside Infinite
Note: Watching the MV for a few seconds counts, refresh, clear your history then re-watch the MV. Also you can like the MV once per browser so multi task and use all your browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc)

*Physical sales:
There are 2 major charts to take note of: Gaon and Hanteo Hanteo Charts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts
Gaon : Weekly, Monthly, Year-end digital sales (Both count towards Music Charts and End of Year award shows)
Sites where you can buy the 'Write..' album to ensure that they count into music charts:

*Digital Sales:
Downloading requires the purchase of song,Streaming is just playing the song on site. For streaming most of the sites require you to listen to the entire song for the stream to count, for Bugs it requires you to stream the song for 1 min. and 30 seconds. Most sites give you 1 minute preview of the song, so for your stream to count, you have purchase streaming packs of those sites.
See more: How to stream on Korean music websites.
*Online Voting:
Mnet is the easiest as the site has an English version. Use your Mnet, Twitter and facebook accounts to make 3 votes! You can vote on Mnet Korea's website too. One vote per day per account. 5% towards M countdown charts. Voting on Show! Music core needs MBC ID and you have to successfully apply to become one of the 2 thousand people to vote. Here is the guide: HERE
*Live SMS voting is done when the MC signals that the time period of SMS starts on music shows. 
M!Countdown: Text 인피니트 to +822366 or 00822366 (2366 if you are residing in Korea) 
Show Music core: Text 인피니트 to +820505 or 00820505 (0505 if you are residing in Korea) Vote only if they are in top 3
Inkigayo: Text 인피니트 +821245 or 00821245 (1245 if you are residing in Korea) Vote only if they are in top 3
*SNS points are gained by these ways
1) Stream video from official Woollim channel or TV stations channels
2) Play all videos in full
3) Use only #인피니트 and #끄덕끄덕 as too many hashtags will be counted as spam.
4) Search for 인피니트 on major search engines Daum, Naver, Nate
5) Leave comments,like posts on Infinite Official page on Facebook!

For questions regarding voting you could look for @sunggyusungyeol, @anjellie_ka or @nash357_ on Twitter
Translated by: Chinggyu of  Infinite Updates
Edited/ Updated by: Anjellie_ka & nash357_ of Infinite Updates