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cr: Seongyeol-a, Shining Moment, Colorful Words, Eversince, My Love Beautiful, A.D.T.O.H, Bouquet0428, Yeolgrina, Strawgyu, Cosmos, Dreamingboy, GoodnightL, Woorimyoungsu, Someone Like You, Lkimfan, Ever Green, Made in L, Do U Heal Me, Wh_ms_attention, Hogam, Falling Angel, L'aile, Yeolminutes, Baby's Breath, Love L Like L, 다시 봄, 91Station, H_loveholic, The Script, Green DW, Kyutizen, Heavenly Loved, Monodrama, Douerky, SrtickwithU, allaboutmang7, Fly High, Leci L, Deary Dream, Strawgyu, Mesmeric, Sweet Angel, 애지중지, 비밀, Shining Moment, Beautifulkyudays, My Only Star, ii_kaziotasih, Catch your dream vocal, Lovely Breath, Dripping Love and UYou

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