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Q:Both of u, main actors has become popular topic recently. Could u tell me the reason why you decided to act in this drama!?
WH:Honestly speaking, I wanted to act as “a high-school student” while I’m 1 year younger and I thought it’s the time. It’s impossible to act as a student if I get a little older. Moreover, my first starring role may bring me good experience. That’s why I chose this drama.
Q: How about you, SungYeol-ssi!?
SY:Of course, that’s the reason. Besides, co-starring with WooHyun is really meaningful for me, because we don’t have chances to play with our members in the same drama much. To work with him was really a joy. It was defenetely great choice.
WH:Good experience, as well. Filming was really fun.
Q:How did you feel when your appearance was confirmed?
WH:I was really happy, and I’m sure so was SungYeol. We are the members of the same group, have lived together for about 7 years, and have known each other well. We could film happily.
SY:I'm shy around filming location, and it’s a bit hard for me to be familiar with. But thanks to WooHyun, the nerve was removed. I became nervous because it was my first starring,but being with a member was really ..
WH:....really encouraging
SY:Yea. really helpful for me.
Q:What do you think you are better than each other as an actor!?
WH:I dare to choose one, that’s adlib.
WH:80% of my acting “Woohyun” role was adlib^^ Was it episode 2!? When Woohyun transferred school and faced the teacher for the first time, almost all of the scenes were adlib^^ It was really fun filming.
SY:For me..
WH:For me, adlib!
WH:I’m better at that.
SY:I didn’t do adlib at all. For me,, there's nothing to be better at,, but I’m confident of sleeping acting.
WH:Yea, really good at sleeping!
SY:I went to the filming studio after staying up all night, and slept for real while acting.
WH:Actually I have slept while filming, but SungYeol was even snoring! I was surprised at that. The director and staffs also teased him and said “Whoa~ he sleeps well”
SY:Sleeping action, eating action.. I went there with hunger, and filled my stomach while filming^^
WH:Also his eye action was woah~! The directors and staffs admired and said SY’s eyes were really lively. I also thought so when I checked his action through monitor. His eye action & crying action were really good! Good Job!
SY:What I should learn from WooHyun is that he speaks his lines smoothly and clearly.
WH:Oh no no..
SY:I’m bad at that, so I want to learn his way of pronunciation. Also his missing / painful action while looking at the person he loves was not possible for me to do.
WH:I did it like looking at my mom.
Q:What resembles between you and your role in the drama!?
SY:Ah~ the similar part is ,, Hwang SungYeol gets academic results, and so was I in my school days, also listened to teachers well.
WH:Oh you’ve got such fancy imagination!?
SY:Besides, Hwang SungYeol kept acting against his parents, but I never do it and am close to my parents. That point is different.
WH:He listens to his parents well. He sends money to his mom when he’s asked.
WH:He’s a son thinks a lot of his parents. The similar part between Shin WH and me is first of all, “really popular”
SY:Ah.. right
WH:I repeat it again.
SY:Was your hair color blue!?
WH:Was black at the time. When it was blonde, I was really popular in my high school days. So I felt the common feature with him while acting. Saying so by myself is really weird...though.. Besides. There’s one more similar part, I had also lived with my grandma when I was a kid. Such family background is similar. Dissimilar part is ..um..nothing. I’m easily moved to tears, family background and my life ever is similar. Anything dissimilar!?
SY:Hair style?
WH:Hair..Ah Friends relationship is different. Shin WH doesn’t have many friends cos he transferred school many times. Oh! Cheating,,I dont do that.
SY:He’s telling the opposite things.
WH:In fact, im single-minded.
Q:Kim SaeRon played with you. Your relationship was really natural despite of the age difference. What’s her mature part and childish part!?
WH:Her mature part is her concentration. When I was in the 8th grade,,I was naughty and restless. But SaeRon can concentrate on getting into her role completely. We want to learn it from her. Also her acting is really awesome.
Q:SeaRon has been playing for long since she was a kid, and has got the career, right? Were there anything you taught her or helped her?
WH:There were a bit we learned from each other. Since we dun have acting career, we asked her & made sure of the tone of our lines. She also asked us as our general opinion. We could expand our acting skills through this drama. SungYeol learned frm her a lot. So did I.
Q:In the drama, the main stage was High School, right?! You often were wearing the uniform. How was your high school days actually!?
WH:I was really popular in my high school days.. On the pepero day,
SY:(staring at WH)
WH: Excuse me? (to Yeol)
SY:ah yea yea
WH:When I was in the 2nd grade, 4 girls in the 1st grade came to me with bunch of peperos at the lunch break, into my classroom.
SY:For asking you to pass them to someone else!?
WH:(lol)They gave them to me. I have such a memory. Those days were my golden age.
SY:Awesome! When I was a high school student, I didn’t go to school much because I’d already chosen the way to the entertainment world, not to the studying world. I had many things to do and couldn’t go to school much. That’s why, when I rarely went to school, everyone said “SungYeol came!” When my seat was at window-side, a piece of paper came into from the window while taking a class. It says “Lets meet up at the break”
WH:Woah~ to hit you!?
SY:coz I didn’t come to school much?
WH:like “Who are u?” “Entertainer is greater?”
SY:Anyway, like that, I was popular as well. I remember those days.
WH: You were better than me.
SY:No, almost same.
<YES or No Questions>
Q:I wanted to play the other’s role.
SY:I gave an immediate answer.
―Tell me why?
WH:The reason? SY goes first.
SY:I thought Hwang SY has got the cool character & been really hurt. But I’ve never been hurt like him in my past, also I’ve never acted against my parents. I’m usually cheerful and filled with energy. So ShinWH was myself. I was wondering the role I play is opposite..
WH:The reason why I wanted to play SY's role was Shin WH was myself as well. There are many similar parts with my life, so I wanted to experience the different character. I wanted to experience Hwang SY. I had such thought, but as the result, I played ShinWH.
SY:There’s one more reason. Hwang SY doesn’t have a “love-line”. WH had many though..
WH:I was really popular.
SY:I felt sad..
WH:It(my role) was same with my school days.
Q:I’m the best actor among INFINITE members.
WH:hahaha ah,, not pointing, rite?
SY:You think u r the best?
WH:nope. We have to work harder. Hwaiting!
SY:I think Im not the best when I see the broadcasting. If I’m good at acting, I dun need to be shy, but I can’t keep watching. I guess it means I’m not such good yet.
WH:He’s like this, so I raised my hand..
― Are you confident!?
WH:NO, I also cant keep watching me acting. There’re lots of reflections like “Ah,, I should
study this part more”. Whatever happens, I can’t tell you “I’m the best”.
Q:I made less NG.
SY:Me! He did lots of adlibs, so he often forgot his adlib and made NG. He repeated it again and again.
WH:The director really liked it, and we thought we should make NG collection. He suggested how about making the NG collection into the movie.
― Any memorable NG scenes or episode?
WH:Ofc, lots of episodes. When I filmed the shower scene, the water.. was not hot but cold.. it was really cold, but I stood it and didn’t show such behavior. However, I made lots of NG.. also..anything else?
SY:Too many episodes to choose one..
WH:yea too many..
― Next is the last one.
WH:Saigo? Saigo? *saigo = the last (in Japanese)
SY:let’s go till the end!
Q:I can win in the triangle love.
WH:What should I say!? I’ve not experienced it..
― You won’t compete even though the woman is really attractive?
WH:I'm giving up.
SY:It’s not giving up or not, it’s the woman’s choice. So men’s competition is nonsense..
WH:True. Even we compete so hard, women’s choice determines everything.
SY:If she chooses him, I will give up. We can’t get the woman by force.
― Even u really love her?
WH・SY:Of course.
WH:If the woman really loves SY, I’ll give up her.
― So do you, SY ssi!?
SY:So do I.
WH:If SY and I don’t know each other,
SY:I’ll punch him once.
WH:Yea, that’s right.
― Tell us about your ideal date.
SY:My,, personally ideal date…
WH:I’ve not experienced dating much. so..
SY:If I’m really rich and can afford to have a great date, I want to go abroad and walk around
there freely.
WH:It brings sudden breaking up.
SY:soon after getting back from oversea!?
WH:Because ppl often argue overseas,
SY:like “You can go anywhere as you like!”
SY:How about you!?
WH:My ideal date is,,to walk around with holding hands in the crowd.
SY:Right, we can’t do it due to our job.
WH:We can’t do it..so I want to walk holding hands in the town and park. Anywhere is fine. I prefer close spots to travelling around, and I just want to walk outside, town and park.. playing sports together is fine. Anyway I want to enjoy the same hobby with her.
SY:『Love On High School (JP title)』is being broadcasting on DATV.
WH:Yea, that’s right. Please enjoy the relationship among SY, I and the angel Sulbi. Young generation can sympathize with this drama, so please watch.
Please look forward to this drama! Please watch! (in Japanese)
trans by: MineMyngsL of InfiniteUpdates
please take out with full credit!!