We went to 2TV Fantasy Growing up drama <High School-Love On> shooting scene. Infinite who has transformed into acting-dols and Kim Sae Ron's appearance in the drama has made expectations higher,the shooting scene is filled with passion and vigour.
On June 11 morning,in one rice cake shop at Sinsadong,we spotted a broadcasting vehicle which was filled with props.Infinite's Woohyun who was hurt while being involved in an accident on a rainy road was being treated.The staff and actors there were filled with vigour.
High School-Love on talks about a male student who was in danger was saved by an angel who transformed into a human after saving him and a hot blooded youth who have went through troubles in love and growing up.Especially in this series,Infinite's Woohyun and Sungyeol who has received great popularity were cast which made us had higher anticipation for the drama.
Nam Woo Hyun who stays together with his grandmother while operating a rice cake shop transforms into the character Shin Woo Hyun. Although he is handsome looking,sings really well and is really popular with girls,he is a blunt guy who has little concern for the things around him.Although Shin Woo Hyun is picky and proud on the outside,he is warmer and purer than any others on the inside. Because he was dumped by his parents,he does not trust love however after meeting angel Seul Bi,he starts to understand about love.
Lee Sungyeol's is Shin Woo Hyun's rival named Hwang Sungyeol and he is cold and rebellious. Hwang Sungyeol is good in studies,sports and everything else which makes him an umchina (mother's friend's son who is good at everything). He is different from Woohyun as he sets goals in his life and is resourceful.He does not give up easily. Woohyun's birth mother becomes Sungyeol's step-mother and war will commence from then on. They will have conflicts and wars with each other.
<High School-Love On>-With the love that the male leads receive,there has been great concern over who will be the female lead in the drama.Kim Sae Ron who saves Woohyun and turns into a human is the perfect,cute and cunning angel.Lee Seul Bi is in an angel in charge of the area where Woohyun lives in.She is a kind and pure angel which knows little about the world.After she becomes a human,she wants to know more about the world. Especially Woohyun and Seul Bi's cute quarrels make them a lovely couple.Sungyeol 's love who is fresh is also expected to bring a smile to the audiences' faces.
Besides that,Woohyun's grandmother Gong Mal Sook is on good terms with the younger actors and gives them tips on acting which made everyone more focused on set.More than anything,this youth romance shows the passion of young people which made the set flaming hot. We met with the PD at the scene and he said that with the hardworking actors who does their best and the vigour they have shown,I am very thankful to them.He also mentioned that the senior actors managed to lead the rest well which made him very happy.Till the end,they have stayed healthy and happy which made the project a happy one.
This youth romance and troubles in a school and home setting will show the relations between the parents and the children.Everyone can identify with this drama and this 20 episode drama will be broadcast on 27th June.
Points to take note while watching:
1)Infinite members who became rivals acting match
Infinite's Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungyeol in this drama are both cold and picky guys which can test their acting skills.Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungyeol who are the main male leads are friends attending the same high school but because of love,they became rivals. To fight for the female lead,they became rivals in a triangle love relationship.Both are idols and we can see how they measure against each other in terms of love and acting.
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