Q:Who takes care of you the most?
Members give me power and also I can work harder when they are beside me.
I feel so when I see each member’s face before going up to the stages.
Q:Who is the closest to the image of Romeo?
“Boku!(means ‘me’)”
“I” am the most attractive, rite?
My line on Last Romeo “Memo kuramu hodono….(…can dazzling my eyes)”
is also the best!
Please check me on MV, too! hehe.
Q:If INFINITE were food, what would it be?
“Kobe beef”
Because it’s representing Kobe, rite?
We want to be such an existence as anyone never forgets “the taste” .
We are not representing Kobe but Korea. Haha

Q:If INFINITE were flowers, what would it be?
“Pure-white Lily”
I think the ‘love’ Romeo had got to Juliet is also pure-white.
Our costume for today is white, as well.
Don’t you think it’s good?
Q:How will INFINITE be changed?
We don’t mean that we’ll change totally for SEASON 2.
Individual growing will be INFINITE’s growing.
I’d like you to expect it.
Q:If INFINITE were weather, what would it be?
“Fox Wedding(Sunshine Shower)”
The comfortable sunshine and the coolness of the sunshine shower are
similar to just before something hot feeling fills our hearts.
Q:What is needed to INFINITE now?
“Interests to each other”
Nobody knows if I have eaten meal or not..
When I ask them to eat together, they answer “already eaten” .. ^^;
Have more interest in me, please~ hehe.

Translated by @MineMyngsL of INFINITE UPDATES
Pic by @jun_585
Source : Hanako (Japanese Magazine / No.1066 issue)
Please take out with full credit, Thank you! :D