Infinite, youth movie which includes their growth pains to be released on the 4th of December 'Anticipation UP'
GROW: Infinite's real youth life’ is a youth drama which contains difficulties and dreams of Infinite that were hidden under the elaborate name of 'stars' during their world tour. It also includes things they haven't been able to say and their growth pains.
Mood maker Sungyeol who seems like a joker but takes really good care of the team, Woohyun's hard work which stands out in his passion about composing, Dongwoo who has been gaining interest in taking photos during their world tour, and Hoya who enrolled in an american dance academy through his passion for all areas and forgetting about his idol status. These images will approach the audience with a familiarity which comes from them seeming no different from any other youth in their 20's.
The audience's curiosity will be amplified with honest tales which have not been seen anywhere before. This includes Sunggyu's trauma which approaches him as the stages repeat, Sungjong who experiences a second puberty and L who is at the busiest point of his life with acting, photography and the world tour.
source: Here
trans by: Yeji of InfiniteUpdates
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