Lee Howon who is in his 6th year of his idol life in Infinite still experienced difficulties in playing out his idol trainee role.
He felt that he had to work harder on his rap and dancing as it was different from being on stage with his fans watching. When he had to fill up the big screen all by himself in the movie he had a lot of pressure to do better.
He revealed he had spent one month to write his own dialect rap for the audition scene as it was not in his script.
Jinho in the movie had a ear injury which affect him to become a singer, Howon was also sick before he became a singer and his parents made him exercise so now physically stronger.
While having to act sick in the movie, he started fake coughs two hours before the filming to get into the role and when he had all his sick makeup on, he had already convinced himself that he was sick and actually felt that he had a fever.
In real life he has a brother that is 5 years younger. His brother also appeared in this movie as a member of road king.
Although his brother did not have a big role in the movie, Howon was still very strict with everything his brother did from the way he acted to the way spoke. He thought that because his brother is still young he should teach him how to act respectfully  as a person that will appear in the public.  So his brother had felt more nervous with him than anyone else.
Howon appears as the leader of roadking in the movie, although in real life he is not the leader of infinite he was once the leader of his dance team in busan. As a leader he had to make choreography, act as the manager and director. He did things such as looking for schedule for the group and also dividing the money.
Although the movie did not require for them to practice a lot for the dance, howon and the members of road King took one month out of their own time to practice by themselves. Everyone practiced as if a real team was going to debut.
A hyung from Busan that Hoya knew also acted as one of the members and worked together with Howon to teach the dance to the other members.
Instead of just acting out the debut stage, they actually preformed in front of a audience. And it was very meaningful for him as he stood on the same stage with his younger brother and with the hyung from his dance team. It was a moving scene because he and the hyung from the dance team had promise to debut on one stage, and it became true in this movie.
He mentioned that he has been releasing covers on his own YouTube page to connect with the fans and that he is actually working on another cover for his fans to be released on his birthday mar. 28 to thank the fans.
Note: This is just the summary of the whole interview. Some parts mentioned in previous interviews were omitted.
trans by: Pris of Infinite Updates
source: FN News