Woohyun debuted with his first solo album Write.. and is currently promoting actively. Write.. is an album that shows his Infinite possibility as a vocalist and is receiving praise from many fans of music.

The album write.. that was published on the 9th of this month sold all of it’s presale stock of 50,000 copies and became number 1 in the weekly album sales charts on Synnara Records. Due to to the mass command of his album, offline as well, they even went into emergency restocking production. Nam Woohyun’s title song ‘Still i remember’ was produced by MC the max member J.Yoon and lyrics by hitmaker Kim Eana. It is a emotional ballad that displays a more mature voice and draws people deep into the song making them emotional.

Nam Woohyun received questions from fans through the issue daily sns and he replied in his own writing. Lets look at his truthful answers.

Hand writing interview Infinite Nam Woohyun. What are the fans curious about?

1. In your future solo albums will you be focusing on ballads or would you like to try different genres? -This album is showing only one part of my music style so in the future i would like to challenge many other genres of music too.

2. What’s your 2016 version of your ideal type? Be specific. -I think its the same as my ideal type from before.

3. Whats in your recent playlists. -I have all of Nam Woohyun’s songs in my play list.

4. What do you like to hear the most from someone? -I would like to hear they refer to me as Someone who’s good at singing.

5. Please write a four lined poem using Inspirit.

In - As a human

S - To my self, to be honest Inspirits' existence is...

PI - ...even when I’m very tired, when i look at them I feel excited and I smile without knowing

RIT - Always be by my side

6. How is your eye sight? 0.6/0.6 <20/20>