Finding happiness in music, a woman revealed that she overcame her depression because of Infinite.
On May 1, the pilot episode of MBC’s Star Gazing, aired with several stars appearing before their biggest fans, as they exchanged stories about each other.

One middle-aged woman particularly stood out as she appeared in front of Infinite as their fan. She shared that after having her child, she suffered from severe postpartum depression that slowly started to make her health deteriorate and even made her think about taking drastic actions.
“But then I came across Infinite on a music program. Seeing them sing and dance gave me a new kind of energy,” said the woman. She added that her relationship with her husband even got better after she became a fan.
Her husband also came to the studio to thank Infinite for helping to bring happiness back into the family again.
The woman said that Sung Yeol was her favorite member, adding that she didn’t realize how handsome he was until she fell for his charms.
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