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Sungjong said he gained about 5kg and now he's about 60kg (cr:qhoung)

Dongwoo, Sungjong and Myungsoo are talking about their weights XD . Sungjong said he gained some weight and muscle through exercise

Dongwoo and Myungsoo talking about their dorms (how they live in 2 different floors) Myungsoo asked why Dongwoo's room is so messy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and why his mattress is in the middle of the room.Dongwoo is talking about how they decided "last romeo" as the concept first before the song even made/came out. DJ Park also asked about Sungjong and Myungsoo going to the market the other day Myungsoo said that today they shared the bread that they bought at the market the other day. Sungjong said that he's the most influential/powerful member of Infinite F Myungsoo said he didn't know and then said he's the leader and lead vocal of Infinite F ㅋㅋ. Myungsoo said that he still takes a lot of pictures :) Dongwoo complimented how Myungsoo can take nice photos even with other people's camera (cr:allaboutmang7)

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L: the members here today are the members who don't really talk on radio
Dongwoo: I'm the laughing member, L is the one who is in charge of the mood and Sungjong is in charge of reactions
Sunggyu and Woohyun are in charge of talking when we go on radio shows.
L: I take control of the balance when Infinite are on radio shows
Dongwoo: Woohyun can't use one arm properly yet so it affects him when he's doing choreo
Sungjong, Dongwoo and L went drinking together. L can drink 2 bottles of soju before he gets drunk
Sungjong says he doesn't really know how much he can drink because he's still young
Dongwoo used to be bad at drinking but he's improved.
Sungjong went to eat with Park Kyung Lim and payed for the meal because he always wanted to do that for her
Sungjong felt really grateful towards Park Kyung Lim during their debut days

Q: Who's the most good-looking in Infinite?
Dongwoo: --> L
L: I think....
Dongwoo: L!

L: I think I'm really handsome these days
Dongwoo is laughing at L
Sungjong: I think all our members are handsome
Sungjong's eyes look like Song Hye Kyo's
L: Sungjong is maturing, he's becoming more manly
Sungjong: I love our combination of 3 members today
* they didn't get to talk about Last romeo but were too busy talking about other things*
Sungjong is joking that he's saving his talent for later projects

L is doing the closing greeting and Dongwoo is laughing at L again
Dongwoo: we have a concert in Summer so we'll see you there!
Sungjong: we came back more matured so please give us a lot of love

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