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Hello everyone, I’m DongWoo with attractive eyes. I feel sorry because I can’t show u my eyes through voice recording. It’s already Christmas Eve, right!? How are you going to spend Christmas? I’m preparing for our TOUR with members while thinking of you all. I hope our hearts reach you. This “Dilemma” might not suit Christmas, but this is our first original song (in Japan) we prepared for you, so please listen to it a lot. Also, 2 coupling tracks “back” & “Diamond” were loved much this year, and we recorded(in Japanese) over and over again to make it much better, so I guess you can feel charm for only Japanese version different from Korean version. It’s midwinter and getting much colder, so please listen to our song to endure the coldness.

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Hello, everyone, I’m SungKyu. You’ve already listened to “Dilemma”, have you!? How was it!? Did you like it!? This time, I was so happy & it was really honor to get this song from Mr.Hotei. Also, this song is the most meaningful to me because it’s our first original song (in Japan). I recorded this song while thinking that I 'd like to let everyone listen to as soon as possible, so I really hope everyone listen to this song. As you’ve already known, our 2015 tour has determined!! *clap clap* I feel a little embarrassed to say it, but the choreography of Dilemma is pretty cool, so I’m excited to perform it in front of you all. I hope everyone is looking forward to it as well. We’re practicing hard for the day. Okie then, everyone, see you soon! Bye-bye!!

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Hello, I’m your eternal boyfriend, L. I was looking forward to “Dilemma” so much because this song was written by Mr. Hotei whom I’ve been a big fan for long & copied his guitar sounds. Also, his guitar solo part at the latter half is really powerful and exciting. Everyone, please pay attention and listen to the part!! In 2014, I appeared on various dramas. Especially I really enjoyed the filming with Hoya for the first time. Then as INFINITE F, we made a debut which we had hoped for & could show you our new aspects. For me, 2014 was the year I could try many things. In the year 2015, I’ll work harder to show you another new aspect, of course as INFINITE and as myself. Everyone, please continue to cheer for us!

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