After being cruited to the show, Infinite Hoya and Bigstar Feeldog has been getting on each others' nerve.
Aired on the 4th of March, KBS2 'Cool Kiz On The Block' has shown the process of an member recruiting audition going on for taekwondo. Mainly focusing on recruiting normal citizens, Hoya and Feeldog were recruited as actual celebrity members of the team.
Their skills of kicks and other individual skills were fabulous but not enough to surprise Kang Ho Dong.  That was then when both Hoya and Feeldog had shown their certification, showing they've actually learned taekwondo before.
They both showed their certification to trying to win each other but both of them were on the same level, which was level 3.Also, Hoya has made everyone laugh when Kang Ho Dong asked him if he was shivering because he was cold and he answered back with
"No, I am shivering because I am so nervous to be playing taekwondo."
Source: Daum
Translated by Sisleyyun98 for (