2PM Chansung, Infinite Hoya, and Bigstar Feeldog are making the women's hearts beat faster with their Taekwondo charisma.
On the 3rd of March, KBS 2TV 'Cool Kiz On The Block' has released their profile pictures that firmly showed their manliness. After table tennis, bowling, badminton, and basketball, this is the 5th sport and this is the reason why they were recruited to join. And because all three singers are actually experts in Taekwondo, they have been gaining more attention from the viewers of this show.

They have been stealing women's hearts with their powerful stare at the camera in their photo.Because Taekwondo consists of many strong kicks and movements in general, people have been taking more interest because of their posed

Chansung says, "Please forget badminton. I have done Taekwondo until my second year of high school." He has proven that he is not a beginner
Hoya states, "This is my first entertainment I have been willing to do and I am very excited to be able to play in this team."
Feeldog says, "I have received a silver medal in a competition." This has amazed the members of the team.

What the staffs of this program has said that Taekwondo is a sport both genders could watch & enjoy and it will certainly be unique and fun. This program can also help others to learn more about this Korean sport and make others want to learn the sport more.
Source: isplus.joins.com
Translated by : Sisleyyun for InfiniteUpdates.wordpress.com