Q1:  During a busy schedule eating is very important. What is your favourite food?

DW: Samgyeopsal!
HY: Tonkatsu! (Pork cutlet)
WH: I also vote for Samgyeopsal!
L: Udon!
SG: Kimchi soup
SY: Samgyeopsal as well!
SJ: Budae jjigae! 
Q2: If you had to choose one member to go on holiday with, who would you choose?
DW: Woohyun
WH: Sungjong
HY: Sunggyu
L: Sungyeol
SG: Dongwoo
SJ: Hoya
Q3: During a holiday what would you definitely have in your bag?
DW: Mobile phone, clothes, money and (swiss) army knife
HY: Book(s)
WH: Laptop
L: Camera
SG: Mobile phone
SY: MP3 player
SJ: Mobile phone
Q4: L's love for photography is very famous, what interests do the other members have?
SG: Watching movies, recently one of the one's I watched "Mr. Go" is very interesting
DW: Amongst movies I like animes the most, I really like "Naruto"
HY: You thought I'd choose dancing? Other than dancing I've recently enjoyed the pleasure of reading. Although there isn't much time because of our busy schedule, I'll still read detective novels.
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