(Fan account written in collaboration with Admin D from Inspirits of Oceania)

So this year, two of Inspirits of Oceania (Admin T & D) and admin Yeji of InfiniteUpdates planned a trip to South Korea together. Now we weren’t aiming to meet Infinite on this trip. It was purely to explore South Korea and Infinite related sites (e.g. their restaurants), but our luck tripled, so let us tell you about today.


Please note that there won’t be any photos from us because we wished to respect their privacy, and as they were on schedule, we didn’t want to intrude. As fans, we should respect the idols and only interact with them from afar unless they decide to interact with us personally. Please understand and enjoy this account.


We had visited NIT Cafe (a Woollim owned cafe across from headquarters) before but at night. That day, we met Tabi, an admin for a Lovelyz fansite (photo insert below)


After our visit, the three of us decided to visit NIT Coffee again during the day since it would be easier to see the building and take a photo as a memento, but that’s when our luck set in.


We had been sitting at the cafe for about an hour or so before Admin D saw two vans pull up and ALL the managers walk out of the building. Then three members came down the stairs. None of them noticed us until Sungjong started waving at us, catching the attention of Sunggyu who then turned around and waved at us (HE WAS WEARING HARRY POTTER GLASSES!!). Sunggyu went into a van with two other members and a manager (we aren’t sure who the other two were). A second van followed shortly after Sunggyu’s left. We weren’t sure where they were going but later found, through twitter, that apparently they had gone shopping. Our best guess is they went to a stationary store (you’ll understand why later).


10 min after the others left, Hoya walked out of the building while talking to a manager(? we had never seen him before), and then we weren’t sure if he left in a vehicle or went back inside. We didn’t see Dongwoo or Woohyun at the time.


Around half an hour later, they all came back. Again a few members saw us and waved at us through the window, mainly Sungyeol and Sungjong. They all went inside before coming back out about 10-15 minutes later. When they came down this time, Myungsoo was definitely with them. Woohyun was still nowhere to be seen. It looked like they were getting ready for a photoshoot since we saw photographers following them.


This is when lady luck decided to bestow some magic on us, they ALL walked into the cafe with their stylists and managers. At first it was just Sungjong but then Sungyeol and the rest followed. By this stage, Admin T and Yeji were about dead on the floor (frozen and trying not to freak out, actually Admin T and Yeji found it strange that Admin D was so calm and kept telling us to say hi).


Members took turns outside with the photographers to take street photos before going onto units and group photos. While people were taking photos outside, others were inside writing Christmas cards (which we now assume came from when they all left together before...really guys? it takes 10 people to buy 7 Christmas cards?)


Dongwoo’s laugh...has got to be the funniest thing you will ever hear in your life. We’re not sure what was said, but when he was inside talking to the staff, he burst out in laughter and it took all our resolve not to burst into laughter as well. He seemed happy today since he did this twice. Not to mention, when he went out to take Infinite H photos, he was taking long strides along the street (nearly like skipping?). He also was oblivious to the fact that he almost got hit by a taxi (thank goodness for manager oppa).


Sungjong...looks as good, if not better in real life than what you see on screen and he’s pretty tall. He was dressed in a red and black checkered sweater...and DAMN! he looked so cute and Christmasy.


Sunggyu had his Harry Potter glasses and was wearing a long, black, woollen/nylon trench coat. His outfit made him look EXTREMELY tall. All the admins were surprised. Leader being leader looked absolutely FIIINNNNEEEEE~~~~ When they went to order their drinks the first time, he was singing acapella to the song playing inside the cafe. Later, while they were doing photos and writing cards, we think he may have started rapping...don’t ask us why, we don’t know.


Dongwoo and Sungyeol came out of Woollim together with a manager, and not even 5 steps from the building, he nearly stacks it on the snowy walkway. Luckily Dongwoo managed to grab a hold of him, but Sungyeol saw us across the road and realised we had seen, and he cracked up laughing. Dongwoo and the manager were like….are you ok?


Myungsoo didn’t see us at the cafe...or if he did, he didn’t wave back when we waved at him. However, after he took group shots for Infinite F, he did an amazing impersonation of Spiderman(?) out on the street. It was definitely Myungsoo appearing and not L.


Hoya was the same as Myungsoo, we don’t think he realised we were there, or if he did, he was too absorbed in his thoughts to react to us.


Woohyun magically appeared inside the cafe from somewhere. We didn’t see him come out of the building or walk in, but when Admin D turned around, he was sitting at a table in the corner with other staff. Woohyun….is really short...LOL we didn’t realise until the group shot just how short he is.


As for the managers, they all look so stylish and much more handsome in real life. Not sure if that’s the winter wardrobe talking or if that’s how they are normally, but the coats do make the men. We also managed to see Infinite F’s female manager.


We’re pretty sure she kept giving us glances every 5 minutes or so...we think it may have been to check we weren’t taking photos?


We were lucky to already be inside when they arrived, and since we weren’t causing a disturbance, they allowed us to stay. Admin T and Yeji say they saw some fans outside that were turned away from entry...Admin D isn’t so sure although she did see two girls look like they wanted to come in, but didn’t.


When they first walked in, admin D had considered if it was possible to leave since it looked like they were going to be doing a photoshoot...but where we were sitting, we were boxed in by staff, managers and members on all sides...so if we wanted to leave, we would have to walk straight past one of them.


One of the managers who didn’t enter with the members decided to stand right outside the window to get the attention of another manager inside the cafe. In the process, he nearly gave Admin D a heart attack since he walked up to the window right in front of her while she had her head down, and when she looked up, he was there with a stylist(?).


When they finished with the interview and photoshoot, all the members bowed to the staff and photographers. They were all extremely polite, and that was when we realised Lee Jung Yeop sajangnim was there as well. We didn’t wave to him though since he seemed to be in a meeting.


The members all waved to us as they left the cafe except Hoya and Myungsoo. Woohyun even threw us a peace sign. They all looked really happy. Tired but happy.


We thought that would be the last we saw of them for the day but they came back down again to leave. They didn’t wave this time...I think they were getting sick of us by that point xD or at least think we were weird after seeing us waving madly 3-4 times today.


Please do NOT repost this outside our blog.

cr: Admin D for Inspirits of Oceania, Admin Yeji for Infinite Updates