At the end of 'Delicious' recording, they (#ToHEART)  are showing a paper flower (each) and Woohyun alwayyys try to steal Key's haha but for the last performance he didn't success!

Woohyun was saying stupid things (but I couldn't hear/understand because the mic was weird) and Key was laughing "stop it"

Key stole Woohyun's flower after Woohyun stole his, and Woohyun sent hearts (with fingers) instead ㅋㅋ cute

Staff said screams are weird because they can hear different people screaming for Key or Woohyun so they asked to scream all for both


Since today is White Day! #ToHeart giving out candies to all fans who attending the pre-recording

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As soon 'Delicious' pre-recording over : Woohyun asked if we ate the candy and if it was good and Key was like "don't you see they have it in their hands so no!"

Then Woohyun was like "me too I have ooooone" showing the candy intead of the flower (yesterday they had flowers for their performance

Woohyun asked if we ate at all and we were like "Nooooooo" "aw do you want something special?" "Yeeees" Key "NOOO ㅋㅋㅋ")

Woohyun (to fans) "I have to give you something special" Key "NOOOOO ㅋㅋㅋ"

Woohyun "what about a heart (looking in his outfit) (asking the staff becase he can't find it) heart please! (Finally looking in his pocket) oh here it is, HEART!" *Heart*

Key was going at the back laughing like "oh seriously you..."

During the 1st performance Key's candy felt on the floor and was broken and they had to change it. During the rehearsal Woohyun had to take Key's candy but failed and Key laughed while Woohyun was embarrassed

When they were waiting for the recording on stage Woohyun was checking dancer's outfits and a fan said "lucky you" to the dancer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At the end of the perfomance there is paper hearts falling from the top and Key had one sticking on his face and laughed, Woohyun tried to put it off but it was hard and it was very ridiculous looool

At the end they said thank you both of them and Woohyun said "thanks for waiting that long and since early morning"

During 'Tell me Why recording We weren't allowed to scream at first and WooKey were singing without music and O think they were surprised to not hear screams so theywaved at us cutely ㅋㅋㅋ and Woohyun waved at Key just after =.= kkk

At the end they said goodbye and Woohyun "go home safely, thank you everybody, Inspirits thank you!"

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