130909 - SUNGJONG


Q: What made you wear the feather crown in Man In Love?
I’m SungJong.
Everyone wants to know why only I wear the hat in Man In Love, don’t you?
(members): LOL
I really want to know that as well^^
When we shot the MV, my hair was too long to set, so stylist noona suggested
me to wear a hat. It seemed to have decided as my concept for Man In Love.
So it means there is not so big reason for that.

130910 - HOYA


Q:How was the drama “Reply 1997” for you ?
Bokuwa Hoya desu.(I’m Hoya)
When I worked for Outouseyo 1997 (Reply 1997), I remembered my old days
so much because the background was “Busan” which is my hometown.
Also it was great that I could remember my school days as well^^
I was really happy to see great casts and staffs through the drama.
About one year has already passed since we shot the drama “relpy 1997”,
I really want to play a role in other works.

130911 - DONGWOO


Q: What did you feel when u worked as INFINITE H?
I think, as INFINITE H, I could show our natural image and performances
which are totally different from ones which I’ve shown as INFINITE.
I was really happy to do what I wanted to, and felt like we could communicate
with our fans well.
I want to challenge to “Electronic music” next. Thank you!

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video cr to: @SODAPOPradioCH

translated by : MineMyngsL for InfiniteUpdates